Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White – Many Times Bitten but Never, Ever Shy

By Jeb Wright

The Rock Brigade Podcast, sponcored by Classic Rock Revisited.com caught up with Jack Russell to discuss his new band and his new album. 

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Anyone who is a fan of Great White knows that there has been massive issues between band founder, and former front man, Jack Russell and the rest of Great White.  There are two bands in 2017.  Great White and Jack Russell’s Great White…one does not have to wonder which band Jack is a member of!    

Jack has been there and back a few times and survived…so far…to tell his tale.  There have been many close calls, however.  Fans watched in horror as Russell self-destructed into his addictions time and time again.  Each time he would bounce back…barely.

Now, with over a year of sobriety under his belt the time-weathered rock star has recorded a new album titled He Saw It Comin’ on Frontiers Records.  The album shows Jack paying homage to his love of 1970s rock ‘n’ roll over the ‘80s sound he is best known for.  The result is a solid rock record that should keep Russell on the road throughout 2017.

In the interview that follows Russell speaks openly of nearly dying of alcoholism and how he believes he the true leader in the band Great White.

This is a very candid interview about the new album and about Jack’s role in Great White. He even claims his former band mates were too weak to fire him!

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Catch up with The Rock Brigade Podcast on Facebook

Catch up with The Rock Brigade Podcast on Facebook