Steve Hackett




Lou DiBello





Steve Hackett – The Genesis of New Music

Wildestarr – Healing Pain Through Music

Lou DiBello – Six String Sensations!

Marillion: They did it their way

Craig Goldy – Brave Words from a Rock ‘n’ Roll Survivor!

Rich Williams of Kansas – Leftoverture Live!

Eric Johnson sheds perfection, paints tuneful Collage

Blas Elias – Trans-Siberian Slaughter!

Ricky Byrd- Making a Clean Getaway!

Adrian Vandenberg – Shooting for the Moon!

Phil Collen – G3 & George Foreman!

John Petrucci – Astonishing Beards & Breathless Solos!

Nancy Wilson – Heart & Soul

Jeff Worley of Jackyl – He’s a Redneck Punk!

Joe Satriani

Ike Willis – Remembering The Nose!

Bob Kulick - Life Beyond Kiss

Dan Hawkins – Sticking Around Like a Bad Smell

Steven Wilson - Cutting It to the Bone

Deborah Bonham - Whole Lotta Music!

Derek Sherinian – To the Moon — and Beyond!

Gary Pihl - All For 1 but still for Boston!

Marco Minnemann – A Singer on a Random Place and a Good Drummer to Boot!

Frankie Banali – Proudly flyin’ the Freak Flag high!

Terry Ilous – Retelling the Classics!

Alan White – A Veteran Yes Man!

Lawrence Gowan - Up for The Mission

Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Camel - The Domino That Refused To Fall

Andreas Neumann – Moving at the Speed of Opportunity

Doug Aldrich - Living with The Dead Daisies!

Great White - Coming Full Circle

Billy Sheehan: Mr. Bass talks new Mr. Big!

Andrew Hagar: Son of Sam!

Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon - Back on the Road Again

Don Jamieson - Communication Breakdown!

John Corabi of The Dead Daisies

Ted Nugent – Still Rockin’ in America!

Eric Holmquist – The Wizard of Kansas!

Martin Popoff: Living in the Limelight!

Mike Rutherford – Flyin’ High

Ian Paice of Deep Purple - Infinitely Finite!

Phil Collen of Def Leppard

Jack Blades of Night Ranger

Chris von Rohr of Krokus!

E5: Black Star Riders Damon Johnson

E4 of The Rock Brigade featuring Dennis Dunaway and the band Killer Bee

Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols: Radio, Writing & Recording

The Rock Bridage Kansas, IOANNIS & Gwen the Rocker Chick!

The Rock Brigade Presents Steve Vai & Ronnie Platt of Kansas

The Rock Brigade Interviews Lawrence Gowan & Nita Strauss

Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White – Many Times Bitten but Never, Ever Shy

Steve Hackett: The Soft-Spoken Master

The Rock Bridgade Vol I: Rob Halford, Robert Mason & Stephanie Leigh

Randy Blythe: More than Just A Metal God

Stephen Pearcy

Alan White – The Hall of Fame says “YES!”

Debbi Blackwell – An Unlikely Rocker!

Carmine Appice – Sticking It To Ya!

Rik Emmett – Triumph Meets Rush!

Jon Anderson – A True Yes Man

Henry Paul – An Outlaw to the End

Mike Portnoy - The Similitude of a Dream and more!

Phil Collen – It’s What You Give!

Michael Wilton – Taking Back the Flame

Greg Smith & Jason Hartless – If Ya Wanna Know the Truth… Ask the Band!

Ted Nugent – Sonic Baptizm!

Ronnie Platt – A Miracle Out of Nowhere!

Kim Simmonds – Blast from the Past!

Check Out The World Premier of Foghat's “Made Up My Mind”

Gil Moore of Triumph – Allied Forces: Standing Strong 35 Years Later

Rich Williams – Implicitly Speaking…

Chains Over Razors – Old School Meets the Modern Day!

Robert Mason – Finding His niche… & his Advil!

Rikki Rockett – Getting Rid of the Poison!

Tommy Skeoch – There’s A Lesson in there Somewhere

Jackyl – Country Music Cranked Up to 12!

Rickey Medlocke – Blast from the Past!

Brad Gillis – Making The Right Choice

Percy Jones – X Marks the Spot!

Mick Fleetwood – Beating His Own Drum

Steve Howe – Tales of Drama!

Rich Robinson – In a State of Flux

Bun E. Carlos - What?! Procol Harum?!

Eric Singer of Kiss – Everything is a Choice- Hold the Sugar

Joe Bonamassa - Prepare to be Amazed

Derek St. Holmes – “Derek, if it wasn’t for you, I’d be driving a Renault.”

Melissa Etheridge: Still “The Only One” after 20 Years

Paul Gilbert – There is this thing called the Internet…

Lee Aaron – Rocking in the USA… finally!

Liberty Devitto – Moving up and Moving Out!

Dennis DeYoung – Gazing Back in Time!

Joe Bouchard – Music in 3D!

Vicky Hamilton: Dysfunctionally Functional!

Martin Barre – Back to Steel

Glenn Hughes – From Trapeze to Deep Purple to the Hall of Fame!

Rick Wakeman: All Hail the King!

Operation Mindcrime: Readies Second of The Key Trilogy

Robin Trower – Going Where the Music Takes You!

Rich Williams – Kansas Kares!

Gary Lucas and Jann Klose

Ken Hensley: Demons & Wizards… looking back at the Best of Uriah Heep

Craig Chaquico – Raiders of the Lost Guitars!

Don Brewer: Needy… Not Greedy!

Frankie Banali – Still Feeling the Noize!

Dave Stewart – Weird, but likable!

Neal Smith: Putting his Head on the Auction Block!

Nils Lofgren – E-Street Man & More!

Brian Tichy – Always in a Hurry!

Geezer Butler: This is the End

Jon Anderson – Better Late than Never is better... oh, forget it

Jay Blakesberg – Fare Thee Well!

Pat Travers: Changing Times!

Billy Sherwood: A Citizen Of Yes

Steve Hackett – GTR Revistied!

Christopher Thorn: Blinded by the Thorn!

John Lodge – Rocking on the High Seas!

Ron Nevison: Rock & Roll Dreams Do Come True!

Mike Portnoy - Living Life On A Hot Streak

Berton Averre – Back for Knack!

Barry Myers – Catching Dreams!

Martina Edoff – The Nordic Rock Queen!

Chris Thompson – A Human Jukebox!

Lou Gramm – It's Urgent!

Roger Glover – Live... again!

Operation: Mindcrime – Geoff Tate’s Three Keys to Success

Queensryche’s Michael Wilton – Building Empires

Geoff Downes – “An Inordinate Amount of Time in the Bath.”

Bun E. Carlos – Everything Works Out If You Let It…Well, Sort Of…

Hamish Anderson – New Kid on the Block!

Phil Collen – Another Side of Phil

Gunnar Nelson - Peace Out!

Ian Anderson: Will the REAL Jethro Tull Please Stand Up!

Dan Hawkins: The Darkness Return to the Light!

Carl Canedy – A Blast from the Past!

John Lodge – A Long Time Ago, and a Long Time From Now!

Neal Morse: The Progressive Standard Bearer

Bill Ward - An Accountable Beast Indeed!

Ron Nevison – Uncle Ron’s Recording 101!

David Coverdale – Returning to the Deep!

Marc Storace of Krokus: Rocking the USA Once Again!

Roger Hodgson - Once a Dreamer, Always a Dreamer

Mahalia Barnes – Hanging with Joe & Singing Betty’s Songs!

Steve Lukather – The Sage of Studio and Stage

Michael Schenker - On a Mission to Rock!

Jeff Glixman – Past the Point of Know Return!

Giannotti – Riding Into the Great Unknown!

Rob Halford of Judas Priest: Defending the Faith for Thirty Years!

Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest: Defending the Faithful for Over Thirty Years!

Dina Regine – Damn Right!

Robin Trower – Rolling with the Changes

Scott Gorham of Black Star Riders - Sporting a Chubby!

Doug Aldrich – Say Ya Wanna Revolution...

Nigel Glockler of Saxon: Back on Track!

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – Say Goodbye to Gladys!

Mick Box of Uriah Heep - More Than Just A Loud Noise!

Phil Ehart of Kansas: From Miracles to Masterpieces!


Rickey Medlocke – Blackfoot Strikes...Again!

Pat Travers – Still Going For What He Knows!

Chris Spedding – Joyland’s Burning!

Joe Bouchard: New Studio, New Songs, New Album!

Roger Hodgson: Once a Dreamer, Always a Dreamer

Julian Lennon: The End of the Road?

Marky Ramone: Telling It Like It Is

Tony Franklin - Living the Dream

Joe Lynn Turner – X Rated Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tim Yasui – Spiders & Snakes & Rock ‘n’ Roll…OH MY!

Ann Wilson of Heart – Ringing Them Bells for Christmas!

Richie Kotzen – Essentially Yours!

Adrian Belew: A Musician In Flux

Michael Sweet – Nine Million and Counting!

Steve Hunter: Sound & Vision

Robin Trower: 40 Years of Sighs

Jim Peterik: Rising Up to the Challenge!

Dave Davies: There’s Madness There!

Gary Cherone: Sometimes It Hurts to Smile!

Dennis DeYoung: Never Saying Never!

Steve Morse: Searching for the Air

Ian Paice of Deep Purple: Celebrating the Lord!

Joe Perry: Rocking In & Out of Aerosmith!

Colin Earl: First Time Lucky!

Jon Haber – Better Late Than Never!

John Bisaha of The Babys – Back On His Feet Again!

Kyle Hollingsworth: Beer Jams!

Randy Bachman – Telling Tall Tales of How It Used to Be!

John Allen of Charm City Devils: A Constant Battle!

Tony Levin: Brother to Brother

Rachel Bolan of Skid Row: Taking on the World!

Eric Johnson: Doing His Own Thing

Steve Whiteman of KIX: A Liberating Collaboration!

Rob Halford of Judas Priest: Redemption!

Billy Gibbons: BBQ, Blues & Beck!

Steve Howe of Yes – Introspectively Philosophical

George Thorogood: The Songs Made Me Famous

Rival Sons Mike Miley: Just What is Classic Rock?

Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe – One Night in the Temple

Ted Nugent – Never Shutting Up!

Mark Slaughter – Slaying it Solo!

Rudolf Schenker - Rocking in a Different Way

Danny Miranda: The Best Music…Ever

Wally Stocker of The Baby's: Taking It All In

Michael Stanley: Just Doing His Job

Brad Gillis of Night Ranger: Taking the High Road

Michael Kang of the String Cheese Incident – Time Flies!

Glenn Hughes: A New Breed of Rock

Michael C Ford – Still Breaking On Through to the Other Side

Andy Summers: Circa Now!

Klaus Meine of the Scorpions: Unplugged

Fast Eddie Clarke – Back to the Blues

Kurt Vatland of La Madness: Out of their Minds with Rock n' Roll

Marc Storace of Krokus: Hanging in the House of Rust

Sebastian Bach: Rock N’ Roll’s a Vicious Game

Steve Hunter: The Deacon Speaks

Ian Anderson: Erratically Human

Paul Rodgers: A Soul Singer in Rock Star’s Clothing! (with Perry Margouleff)

Monster Truck’s Jeremy Widerman & Jon Harvey: Revving it up!

Joe Bouchard – A Million Miles in the Making

Dennis Dunaway: Blue Oyster Cooper

Eddie Trunk: The Essentials of Rock N Roll

REO's Bruce Hall: Rocking at the Moondance Jam

Shooting Star’s Todd Pettygrove: Living in the Summer Sun!

BOSTON Mastermind Tom Scholz: Loving Life and Remaining Hopeful!

Matthias Jabs of the Scorpions: Just a Regular Guy...for a Rock Star

Michael Sweet of Stryper: To Hell & Back

REO Speedwagon’s Neal Doughty: Dancing on the Moon!

Michael Schenker: Bridging the Gap

REO's Kevin: Cronin: Rolling with the Changes!

Carmine Appice: Rocking Records in the Free World!

Greg Kihn: You really CAN make this stuff up!

Jake E. Lee: A Shot in the Dark!

Bob Daisley: Diaries of a Madman!

David Ellefson – Metal by the Grace of God

Steve Vai: Into the Light

Adrian Belew: A Nice Pair…or Three!

Zakk Wylde : Unblackened…Unbelievable!

Sammy Hagar: Fearlessly Human

Billy Greer of Seventh Key: Surviving It All!

Kyle Gass & John Konesky – Secrets of the KGB

Donal Gallagher: Kicking Back & Rocking On!

Adrian Galysh - The Poet's Tone

Carl Palmer: Cruising!

Harry Hess of Harem Scarem: In the Mood for a Melody!

Leslie West: An Uphill Climb with an Excellent View!

Okta Logue’s Benno Herz: Pieces of 8

Jordan Rudess: Living the Dream

Anneke van Giersbergen – The Best is Yet to Come!

Carl Dixon of Coney Hatch: A Second Chance

Ted Nugent: Ultra-live and Ultra-Loud!

The Little River Band’s Wayne Nelson: Diamonds are Forever!

Joe Grushecky – Finally Seeing the Light of Day

Tony Levin: Sticking to What He Knows Best!

Phil Collen: VIVA Def Leppard!

Mickey Thomas: Shooting for the Stars!

John Waite: No One To Blame But Himself

Strange Karma: In Need of Good Karma

Yngwie Malmsteen: Words to Live By

Neil Daniels: Freelance Writer of Rock & Metal

Duff McKagan of Walking Papers: Surviving the Executioner

Jared James Nichols – Old Glory Meets The Young Guitar Slinger

Filmmaker Casey Patrick Tebo: Rocking the Rising Sun!

Billy Sheehan of the Winery Dogs: Priority # 1

Rich Williams of Kansas: 40 Years of Mystery & Mayhem

Madelyn Scarpulla: Shouting It Loud & Living Proud

Pat Travers: Can Do!

Aerosmith’s Joey Kramer : A Rock and a Hard Place

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth: Stone Cold Sober & Sweating Bullets!

Laura Wilde: Glamtastic!

Scott Rockenfield: Long Live The Queen!

Steve Hunter: Painting the Town Blue!

Doug Clifford: Still Chooglin’

Status Quo – Shirts Might Get Loud

Paul Gilbert:: Turning Penises into Flowers!

Producer Tom Allom: From Sabbath to Priest:

Jerry Gaskill: Hitting the Road of Life

John Fogerty: Singing Songs with Everyone

Doug Aldrich: Epically Obsessed!

Ricky Phillips of Styx: The Pavlovian Response

Howard Kaylan: A Turtle Comes Out Of His Shell

dUg Pinnick of King’s X: The Naked Truth

Ethan Brosh: Making the Dream a Reality

Don Airey: It’s Deep Purple & There’s a Hammond

Lou Gramm: From a Black Sheep to a Juke Box Hero

Cinderella’s Tom Keifer: The Way Life Goes

American Dog’s Michael Hannon: Doing It Doggie Style

YES - Tripling The Ante On The Classic Albums Sweepstakes

The Story of Dust - Part 1: Kenny Aaronson

The Story of Dust - Part 2: Kenny Kerner

The Story of Dust - Part 3: Marky Ramone

The Story of Dust - Part 4: Richie Wise

Ann & Nancy Wilson: Straight from the Heart

Heart's Steve Fossen: Heartfelt Emotion

Udo Dirkschneider : Inside the Metal Machine

REO’s Neal Doughty: Back on the Road Again

Michael Joplin: One Night with Janis

Todd Rundgren: Subconscious Creativity

Dave Meniketti of Y&T: Icemelter!

Mike Portnoy: The Best Bar Band Ever!

Stuart Smith of Heaven & Earth: Digging It!

George Lynch: Coming Out of the Shadows

Carl Palmer: Hidden in the Art

Saxon’s Biff Byford: Sacrificing Nothing

Chicago's Lee Loughnane: Feelin' Stronger Everyday

Wildman Ted Nugent Boards the Midwest Rock 'N' Roll Express Tour

Def Leppard's Phil Collen: Viva! Hysteria

Orianthi: Lady Plays the Voodoo Blues

Ricky Byrd: In It for Life

Buckcherry's Josh Todd: Sinful Confessions

Mark Kendall of Great White: Elated!

Micky Moody: One True Charmer

Bill Leverty of FireHouse: Driven

Jeff Scott Soto: Getting W.E.T.

Robin Trower: Branching Out

Tommy Skeoch: Making His Own Brand of Metal

Loud and Proud's Tom Lipsky: Breaking Records

Brian Tichy: Making the Most Out of Things

Eric Gales: The Storm is Coming

Royal Hunt: Twenty Years of Music & Silliness

Justin Hayward: Always Looking West

Steve Lukather: Transitioning Back to Life

Jason Newsted: Epiphany on Stage

John Corabi: Raw & Exposed

Corsair: Flying High on Rock N Roll

Dick Wagner: Awakening from the Nightmare

Dave Kilminster: Another Brick in the Wall

JB Chesnot of the Sticky Boys: Sticking It to Ya!

Yes Drummer Alan White: Going for the Three

John Lawton: Focusing On The Positive Side Of Things

Sven Luedke: The Mob Does Indeed Rule

Glenn Hughes: Black Country Confusion

Henry Vasquez of Blood of the Sun: Letting It Roll

John Payne & David Kershenbaum: Raiding The Rock Vault

Rival Sons: Head Down With Their Eyes On The Prize

Don Felder: Returning To Heaven After Going Through Hell

Nate Arling Of The Last Vegas: Living With Bad Decisions

Producer Bill Szymczyk: In It For The Long Run

Steve Hackett: Revisiting The Past

Jason Bonham: Celebrating The Past, Present & Future

Meat Loaf: Guilty Pleasures And Penis Guns

Keith Emerson, Terje Mikkelsen & Mark Bonilla: The Three Fates

Geoff Tate: A Glorious Adventure

Susanna Hoffs Of The Bangles: Someday Has Arrived!

Lemmy Kilmister Of Motorhead : No Crazier Than Anyone Else

Charlie Huhn Of Foghat: No Crooning Allowed

Outlaw Henry Paul: Southern Pride

Simon Wright: A Disciple Of DIO

Ann & Nancy Wilson: Straight From The Heart

Billy Gibbons Of ZZ Top: You Can't Lose With The Blues

Jeff Lynne: A Blast from The Past

Steve Howe: Working Overtime

Michael Des Barres: A Man of Many Lives

Pat Travers: The Roaring 20's An Exclusive Interview

Gary Rossington: The Last Of A Dyin' Breed

Steve Vai: he Story Of Light

Scott Mckenzie: Author Of Power Chord

Mike Reno Of Loverboy: Loving Every Minute Of It

Chris Thompson: He's The Voice

Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl: The Best in Show

Johnny Winter and Paul Nelson: His Saving Grace

Edgar Winter: Still Coming Out At Night

In Memory Of Jon Lord

Aerosmith's Brad Whitford: A Bunch Of Volatile Guys:

Rudy Sarzo: A Modern Day Success

Joe Bouchard: Telling Tales

:Lita Ford: Running Away From It All

Alex Lifeson of Rush: Life Lessons

Randy Bachman : Still Rollin' Down The Highway

Joe Walsh: Just Call Him Joe

Jack Blades: The Ride Of A Lifetime

Carlos Santana: The Ice Cream Man

Greg Kihn: The Legacy Kihn-Tinues!

Trevor Rabin: Movies Don't Count

John Wetton: Making The Most Of Now

Walter Trout: Clarity In The Modern Daze

Points North Eric Barnett: Shaaawing!

Great White'S Mark Kendall: Twice Bitten & Never Shy

Joe Lynn Turner: Hitting It Straight Between The Eyes

Fast Eddie Clarke : Chomping At The Bit

Derek St. Holmes: Back In The Saddle Again

Lemmy: Leaving His Mark

Brad Whitford Of Aerosmith: Experiencing Hendrix

Donovan: Jupiter's Darling

Greg Lake: The Lucky Man

Adler: Expecting The Unexpected

George Thorogood: The World According To George

Abandon Jalopy & Blind Melon's Brad Smith: Death & Joy

Meat Loaf: The Handbasket From Hell

Dennis Deyoung: Speaking The Truth

Van Mclain: Putting Voodoo In The Blues

Steve Morse: Flying High Again

Lawrence Gowan Of Styx: Fitting In

Ian Anderson: Thick As A Brick But Sly As A Fox

Roger Hodgson: What's He Got? Quite A Lot!

Joe Satriani: Satchurated With Success

And The Winner Is.... An Exclusive Interview With Dream Theater

A Creative Re-Birth: An Exclusive Interview with Dick Wagner

The Carnival Of Sin Invades Sin City: An Interview With Mick Mars

Live In Your Living Room: An Interview With Klaus Meine

The Quiet Observer: An Interview with Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Dennis Dunaway

Functional Tonality: An Interview with Chris Broderick of Megadeth

Forty Years Of Aqualung: An Interview With Jethro Tull's Martin Barre

The New Kid In Town: An Interview With Dream Theater'S Mike Mangini

"Our Legacy Is In Our Music" An Interview With Glenn Tipton Of Judas Priest

The Doctor Is In: An Interview With Rock Icon Ozzy Osbourne

Sharp Dressed Men: Mick Fleetwood On The New Zz Top Tribute Album

Kicking, Screaming & Singing His Ass Off: An Interview With Sebastian Bach

The Nightmare Returns: An Exclusive Interview With Alice Cooper

Irritatingly Interesting: An Interview With Iggy Pop