The Rock Brigade Interviews Lawrence Gowan & Nita Strauss

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Classic Rock Revisited presents Episode 2 of The Rock Brigade Podcast! This episode features two amazing musicians in Lawrence Gowan of STYX and Nita Strauss of the ALICE COOPER band.

In this show Lawernce Gowan talks about his solo career in Canada, including recording at Metalworks studio, which is owned by Triumph’s Gil Moore.  Gowan recorded some of his solo albums at Metalworks which included contributions by Jon Anderson of Yes and Alex Lifeson of Rush.  Gowan also talks about his ‘prototype mullet,” shoplifting and his biggest rock star temper tantrum!  Oh yeah…we also discuss the latest STYX blu-ray titled Live at the Orleans Arena: Las Vegas. There are many interesting facts  uncovered in this chat…along with a lot of laughs! 

After a short break where The Rock Brigade Podcast Hosts Jeb Wright and James Rozell do a skit titled GOD THAT SUCKS, featuring Bon Jovi, they welcome guitarist virtuoso Nita Strauss to the show.  Nita  talks about the new Favored Nations release She Rocks Vol. 1 . She contributed the song “Pandemonium” to the album.  In addition to this, she takes time to play the game Best, Worst & Underrated Iron Maiden albums and opens up about her career.  We discuss The Iron Maidens, her death metal band when she was 13 years old and the impact of the movie Crossroads on her life.  This is a great chat with a talented lady!

This is a great episode full of laughs, fun games and fascinating in-depth personal interviews with two great artists.

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