The Rock Bridage Kansas, IOANNIS & Gwen the Rocker Chick!

Ronnie Platt of Kansas Album Art with IOANNIS
Led Zep: Houses of the Holy
Gwen the Rocker Chick
with James Rozell of
The Rock Brigade

E3 (Part 2):Ronnie Platt of Kansas, album artist IOANNIS and Gwen the Rocker Chick!

On Episode 3 (Part 2) we start out with the story behind the classic Led Zeppelin album cover Houses of the Holy. This is going to be a regular feature on The Rock Brigade Podcast. In addition to an amazing 35+ year career as an album artist, IOANNIS is also an expert on the classic and historical album covers in rock ‘n’ roll.  It is amazing hearing him tell the tale behind the making of this classic cover.

We also play a game with Kansas vocalist Ronnie Platt as we finish his in-depth interview. Platt discusses some of the weirdest things he has seen on the road as well as ranking The Best, The Worst & the Most Underrated Kansas albums!

To end the show we introduce Gwen the Rocker Chick and play a fun game called Buy, Sell or Bang! We also rank The Best Worst & Overrated albums by David Bowie. Don’t miss Gwen as she will have you smiling ear-to-ear!

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