Andrew Hagar: Son of Sam!

Words By Jeb Wright
Photos by Mark Schierholz

The Rock Brigade is always on the lookout for the next cool story. When rock photographer Mark Schierholz texted us that he had met Andrew Hagar, Sammy’s son, performing at Rockfest in Kansas City, we thought that was cool. When Mark suggested we do an interview with him we thought, “What the heck?” We are both huge fans of The Red Rocker…so if he’s Sammy’s son he has to be cool!

We checked out Andrew’s music and were impressed. It is not Sammy influenced, which we found interesting. Instead of rockin’ out, the Son of Hagar plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. He is much more influenced by Highway 61 Revisited than he is by Standing Hampton.

During this fun interview we discuss Hagar’s desire to take on a career in music after getting an education in business. We talk about what he learned from his dad, as well as what it is like opening for Sammy Hagar. We talk about how some have the misinformation that it all comes easy for him. It turns out Sammy is a bit of hard ass!

We had a lot of fun with Andrew. He is in his early 30s and he definitely has his stuff together. Already a successful businessman, as well as a mixed martial artist (we begged him not to kick our asses) Hagar has a great love for folk rock. He has opened for Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson in the past, and is currently opening for his dad on his 2017 tour. Andrew is certainly making his own way in life, but he is well aware of who is old man is, and what he has accomplished.

Between laughs we discuss growing up with his mother away from his dad, how he knew Bob Weir and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead growing up and how he and his brother may be directly responsible for breaking up Van Halen—seriously! Remember Sammy wanting to spend time with his kids over touring? And Eddie Van Halen not being happy about that? Yep…Andew is one of the kids in question!

Don’t miss this fun, interesting and informative chat with a talented artist who is taking his first steps both in…and outside…of his father’s footsteps.

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