Jeff Worley of Jackyl Hes a Redneck Punk!

Jeff is a kick ass dude!

We had a BLAST conducting this interview for The Rock Brigade Podcast!

James and Jeb sat down with Jeff and ended up laughing their asses off for over an hour! 

James and Jeb also made fun of a lot of people. 

We owe apologies to Kelly Borror, Eddie Trunk and anyone else we spouted off about. 

We may have even made fun of southern accents and the free beer James got from Jackyl. 
We are dicks.

Jeff joined in and had a blast!

  He sat down with us to discuss his amazing book that chronicles his life on the road as a rock star titled

No Filter...Stories Better Left Untold: Part 1. 

Purchase here:

This book will drop your jaw, make you laugh and make it so your wife will NEVER allow you to hang out with Jackyl!  

Apparently Huey Lewis has a giant penis. 

READ THE BOOK to find out more!

In addition we also talk about Jackyl being on the road celebrating their 25th anniversary as well as their latest release ROWYCO (Rock Out With Your Cock Out).

Jeff talks about forming the band, watching movies where people eat dog turds, how much money Brian Johnson got paid to NOT be in AC/DC and hanging out with Justin Timberlake!

Do NOT miss this one! 

We are funny fuckers!

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