RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Corsair – S/T
Shadow Kingdom Records

Rating: A

Who is Corsair and how did they get an “A” rating on this review?  Good question.  Come January 21, 2013 Classic Rock Revisited’s hope is that everyone will know who this band is.  

Corsair is guitarists Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin, multi-instrumentalist Jordan Brunk and drummer Aaron Lipscomb.  The band all reside in Virginia, of all places.  While this may not be the Mecca for rock bands, Corsair should wake up the classic, hard rock fans to the point that they will become well known. 

This band is dripping with talent.  They have a very original take on things, yet one can’t help but hear the influences of early Iron Maiden, Wishbone Ash and especially Thin Lizzy in this band.  The songs are based around the guitar playing of Paul and Marie, who play harmony, precision solos, as well as rip your head off solo takes.  However, there is a sound that this band has…and isn’t that what classic hard rock has been missing? A band with a sound all their own and unique?  

The songs hook the listener and the more you listen to them the more you want to listen to them.  This debut album is a masterpiece of hard rock that dips its toe into the heavy metal cauldron now and again.  The music is both aggressive and sublime.  It is heavy yet hypnotic.  The bottom line is that the music of Corsair is the real deal.  

This is a band not afraid to push forward with their own creative vision.  The result is music that harkens back to the past, at times, but also pushes the boundaries.  They have their own little niche and one can only hope they will get the push and pull needed to bring them to the masses.  

These guys (and girl) are damn good at what they do.  Buy this album and check out Corsair. 

By Jeb Wright