RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Eddie Money – Life for the Taking
Rock Candy Records

Rating: B

Riding high on the success of his debut album in 1977, Eddie Money returned to the studio to record his follow up, 1978’s Life for the Taking.  The album, while not containing any hit singles like “Two Tickets to Paradise” or “Baby Hold On” from his debut, is a solid offering, nonetheless. 

Produced by Bruce Botnik of the Doors fame, Money delivered ten songs all well written and excellently performed.  The opening track “Life for the Taking” is a somber rocker with a killer guitar solo, showing a more street tough Money than had been seen on his debut.  “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” should have been a hit song, as the tune is infectious and has a chorus that gets one moving. 

The most famous tune on the album is the hard rockin’ “Give Me Some Water.”  This is one of Eddie Money’s best tunes.  The song has a swagger, a story and a great guitar by Jimmy Lyon that can’t be beat.

“Maybe I’m a Fool” was Money’s R&B meets disco attempt to get a hit tune.  While the song failed to reach the heights of his previous singles, the performance is good, even if the music is lacking.  Elsewhere, “Call on Me” is a true diamond in the rough.  This song, buried at the end of the album, is a strong tune that has drifted away from the public’s consciousness. 

Rock Candy Records has done fans of Eddie Money a favor by re-releasing Life for the Taking.  The album was a Top 20 hit for Money back in ‘78 and while the music has not been remembered like “Two Tickets to Paradise,” that is not to say it is not worthy of cranking up again, because it is. 

By Jeb Wright