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Widowmaker – Widowmaker
Angel Air Records

Rating: C+

In 1976, a UK Supergroup named Widowmaker was formed by Love Affair’s Steve Ellis and Ariel Bender (AKA Luther Governors) from Spooky Tooth and, later, Mott the Hoople and Steelers Wheel.  The band also included Bob Daisley, Paul Nicholls, Huw Lloyd Langton and Zoot Money. 

The band was signed by Don Arden (Sharon Osbourne’s father) to Jet Records and the band released their self-titled debut.  Widowmaker were best when they played hard rocking blues music such as they did on album opener “Such a Shame.”  They were,  however, skilled at many styles as the ballad “Pin a Rose on Me Proves.”  Other key songs on the album are “Straight Faced Fighter,” “Shine a Light on Me” and “Running Free.” 

Despite the big names in the band, Widowmaker never lived up to their potential.  Perhaps their sound was too all over the map to capture a large audience.  If they had stuck to hard rock then they would have likely been huge.  They toured with Nazareth and the Who but only a couple of more years and one more album and they were finished.

Angel Air Records has re-released this iconic debut, which is important for any serous record collector to own just for the historic significance of the band.  Angel Air unearthed three bonus tracks recorded in 1976 at The Paris Theater in London, as well.

While Widowmaker never lived up to their potential they are still talked about today.  They are an example of a talented band that becomes one of the biggest ‘should have made it’ acts of their time.

By Jeb Wright