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Billy Joel – She’s Got a Way: Love Songs
Columbia Records / Legacy

Rating: B

Billy Joel has sold over one hundred and fifty million albums.  Just think about that and imagine how high in the sky they would reach if they were stacked on top of each other?

Joel is an iconic figure, not only in American music, but in all music, anywhere in the world.  He has done it, more or less, on his own terms, which, unfortunately, seems to include not letting his fans hear any new music from him.  Still, there are bills to pay…so…just in time for Valentine’s Day…comes a collection of 18 of Billy’s best love songs.

This collection, which is probably kind of a cash grab release, actually, is pretty cool.  Joel, whether it was a rocker or a ballad, had a wonderful way of writing about relationships.  The words he wrote helped convey his feelings, feelings that we all have and can relate too. 

One of the most unique things about this release is that there are huge smash hits mixed with deep album cuts.  “Just the Way You Are,” “She’s Got a Way,” “Just the Way You Are” and “An Innocent Man” are all included, as one would expect.  However, also included are “Shameless” with Garth Brooks, “Nocturne” from 1971’s Cold Harbor and “Travelin’ Prayer” from Piano Man. 

Joel scores points for throwing in many songs that are not on the tip of everyone’s tongues, as has classics tend to be.  It makes the album interesting and, on Valentine’s Day, interesting and romantic tend to lead to good things!

Track Listing:
Travelin' Prayer (single from Piano Man - 1973 - #77 pop single)
The Night Is Still Young (single from Greatest Hits - Volume I and II - 1985 - #34 Hot 100)
This Is The Time (single from The Bridge - 1986 - #18 Hot 100, #1 AC)
She's Got A Way (Live) (single from Songs in the Attic - 1981 - #23 Hot 100, #4 AC)
Temptation (track from The Bridge - 1986)
Nocturne (track from Cold Spring Harbor - 1971)
Until The Night (from 52nd Street - 1978)
She's Right On Time (from The Nylon Curtain - 1982)
You're My Home (b-side of single from Piano Man - 1973)
Just The Way You Are (single from The Stranger - 1977 - #3 Hot 100 - Grammy Record of the Year and Song of the Year)
She's Always A Woman (single from The Stranger - 1977 - #17 Hot 100, #2 AC)
State Of Grace (from Storm Front - 1989)
Honesty (single from 52nd Street - 1978 - #24 Hot 100)
This Night (b-side of single from An Innocent Man - 1984)
Shameless (from Storm Front - 1989 - #1 country song for Garth Brooks)
An Innocent Man (single from An Innocent Man - 1983 - #10 Hot 100, #1 AC)
All About Soul (Remix) (single from River of Dreams - 1993 - #29 Hot 100)
And So It Goes (single from Storm Front - 1989 - #37 Hot 100)

By Jeb Wright