RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

U.D.O. – Mean Machine (Anniversary Edition)
AFM Records

Rating: B

Udo Dirkschneider will always be remembered as that wild little guy on a giant ball smashing into things on MTV for the video to Accept’s “Balls to the Wall.”  Only a few years after that iconic Heavy Metal video, Udo went out on his own and formed the band U.D.O.  In 1988, he released his second solo effort titled Mean Machine.  

This was, in many ways, his first solo album, as his first release were songs written by Accept.  On Mean Machine these were his songs and his former band's.  Not that too much changed, as the voice was still as mean and snarling as ever.  The guitars were distorted and the rhythm section played like a locomotive.  

Mean Machine is one of the best Udo ever released as the title track is one of the best tunes he ever released.  “Dirty Boys” is an ode to that rock and roll lifestyle while “Streets on Fire” is an epic rocker.  “Don’t Look Back” kicks off the show by smacking you between the eyes with a loud riff while “Break the Rules” summed up what Udo’s fans wanted out of life…to rock out and break the rules! 

Now, AFM Records has re-released the album as an Anniversary Edition.  The album still sounds great and there are two bonuses included as well.  There is a live version of “Breaking the Rules” and the video for the tune too.  

So, crank it up and get your German rock out as Udo has always done it right.  This is a great trip back in time.  

By Jeb Wright