RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

W.E.T. – Rise Up
Frontiers Records

Rating: B

In 2009, Frontiers Records released the debut album from W.E.T. without knowing if melodic rock fans would accept the band or not.  Things looked like they could go well, as the members of W.E.T. were well known vets of the genre.  Work of Art’s Robert Sall, Erik Martennsson from Eclipse and Jeff Scott Soto from Talismen made of the band, and named it.  W (Work of Art) E (Eclipse) and T (Talisman).  Of course, Soto is the best known of the three having spent time fronting Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey in his impressive career.  Still, the music world can be fickle. 

When it turned out that the genre’s fans did pay attention, the band went back into the studio and recorded the follow-up Rise Up.  This time they were able to take more time and the result is an album that is even stronger than the debut.

The album is a total melodic rock fest from beginning to end.  The rock songs are strong, the ballads are sweet and Jeff Scott Soto really tears it up every time he opens his mouth.  This one will thrill all fans of this style of music.  W.E.T. not only delivered big, they may just have one of the top melodic rock albums of the year on their hands. 

Tracklist: Walk Away; Learn to Live Again; Rise Up; Love Heals; What You Want; The Moment; Bad Boy; On The Run; Broken Wings; Shot; Still Believe In Us; Still Unbroken.

By Jeb Wright