Rating: B+     

In 2009, former bassist/vocalist for Trapeze and Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes, returned to his hometown of Bilston, Wolverhamton for two very special concerts. 

The first night’s concert featured “Mistreated” from Hughes’ days in DP and fan favorites “Crave,” “Muscle & Blood,” “Don’t Let Me Bleed” and “Mistreated.”  The second night, which was even more special to Glenn’s hardcore fans, was billed as You are the Music: An Evening of Trapeze

Making the second night even more special was the added emotion of Trapeze guitarist Mel Galley’s recent death.  Hughes, always an emotional performer, stepped it up a notch, blasting out vocals that are from out of this earth.  His singing and playing on this double disc prove that he is a great talent.  In his career, Hughes has been able to mix pop with hard rock, heavy metal, funk and soft rock altogether and still, somehow, make every song his own.

This is a wonderful memento of a very special evening in the musical life of, the one and only,

Live In Wolverhampton track listing:

Disc 1:

01. Muscle & Blood

02. You Got Soul
03. Love Communion
04. Don't Let Me Bleed
05. What's Going On Here
06. Mistreated
07. Crave
08. Hold Out Your Life

Disc 2:

01. Way Back To The Bone
02. Touch My Life
03. Jury
04. Coast To Coast
05. Seafull
06. Good Love
07. Your Love Is Alright
08. Medusa
09. You Are The Music
10. Black Cloud

By Jeb Wright