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Atlanta Rhythm Section – Are You Ready!
BGO Records

Rating: B

BGO Records is a reissue label that is making quite a name for themselves as they redo classic albums from the past that many have allowed time to forget.  BGO realizes the value in these great albums and is doing a great job keeping the classic rock we love stay alive and well.

Their latest re-issue from the Atlanta Rhythm Section is the bands’ classic 1979 set that made it to 51 on the charts back in the day.  The album was recorded on the tour that featured the most successful album of their career, Champagne Jam.  The band would only be around a couple more years, as they originally disbanded in 1981.

Fans of ARS have long made light that the album was recorded live in the studio as much as on tour and the original packaging even states there were live studio versions included.  This was a very common practice back in the day and while it may seem odd, it really was the norm—they just admitted it where most bands deny the fact. 

ARS was one hell of a smooth sounding southern band.  Now, Are You Ready! has been remastered with new liner notes, kicking this album up a  notch from its already lofty standards.  

Track Listing
1 Prelude: Tara's Theme/Sky High
2 Champagne Jam
3 I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight
4 Large Time
5 Back Up Against The Wall
6 Angel (What in the World's Come Over Us)
7 Conversation
8 Imaginary Lover
9 Doraville
10 Another Man's Woman
11 Georgia Rhythm
12 So Into You
13 Long Tall Sally

By Jeb Wright