RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Krokus – Dirty Dynamite
The End Records

Rating: B+

Krokus has released a new album titled Dirty Dynamite that is custom made to be played loud and often. 

This one is an album full of the sneering vocals of singer Marc Storace, the distorted monster riffage of The Krokus Three Guitar Army featuring Fernando Von Arb, Mark Kohler and Mandy Meyer.  Throw in Chris Von Rohr on the low end, and in the production seat, and you have the best thing the band has released since 1983’s Headhunter.

Okay, so these guys have a lot of AC/DC, Bon Scott era influence and the song “Go Baby Go” has some parts that actually cop a bit of “Dirty Deeds”...I say so the fuck what!  If you have to wear your influences on your sleeve, then Bon Scott era AC/DC ain’t such a bad way to go.  And it is not like the band is an AC/DC clone.  On Dirty Dynamite they jump all over the place, from a power ballad remake of the Beatles classic “Help” to a Texas sized heap of rock and roll on “Rattlesnake Rumble.”

The absolute best of the bunch are the tunes where Krokus throw caution to the wind and play that Klassic Krokus style—you know, three, or four, chords that bounce back and forth with a steady bass and drums and rip snorting in-yer-face guitar solos, rounded out by the impassioned vocals of Storace.  There is plenty of that on this album.  “Let the Good Times Roll,” “Hallelujah Rock n’ Roll” and “Bail Out Blues” all fit the bill.  Album closer “Hardrocking Man” is another Klassic Krokus moment.

Simply put, Krokus is in the groove and kicking ass.  Thankfully, they are not reinventing the wheel on this album, as that would be disastrous for this band.  Instead, they stick to what they do best…rocking their fucking asses off.

Bottom line: Buy this one and play it loud and often.

By Jeb Wright