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Voodoo Circle – More Than One Way Home
AFM Records

Rating B

Like Whitenake?  

Then you are going to love Voodoo Circle. 

This is a band that is made up of other successful musicians who love bands like Whitesanke and Rainbow and with this project they have no problem creating music in the same vein.  In this case, that is a good thing, as they have totally captured the spirit of the classic hard rock they are paying homage to. 

The band consists, first and foremost of guitar wizard, Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Silent Force, Sinner), vocalist David Readmen (Pink Cream 69), bass player Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear), drummer Markus Kullmann (Dezperadoz) and “Zlatco “Jimmy” Kresic (Liquid Home) on keyboards.  

The opening track, “Graveyard City” begins the album with a wicked riff and a powerful vocal, setting the stage for what is to come.  “Tears in the Rain” is another hard rocking punch with a huge melodic rock presence.  “Alissa” is a powerful song that if Whitesnake had written and released this in 1987, would have been a number one smash. 

What Voodoo Circle lacks in originality they make up for with original songs written with passion and power.  Whether the song is fast or slow, each tune has personality.  The music has a great rhythm section behind it, allowing Beyrodt and Readman the freedom needed to take these songs over the top.  

Track Listing:

1.Graveyard City
02.Tears In The Rain
03.Heart Of Babylon
04.Cry For Love
06.The Ghost In Your Heart
07.Bane Of My Existence
08.More Than One Way Home
09.The Killer In You
10.The Saint And The Sinner
11.Victim Of Love
12.Open Your 

 By Jeb Wright