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Saxon – Sacrifice (Limited Edition Deluxe Digibook + Bonus disc)

Rating: A

British rockers Saxon are back with the best album they have released since their heyday.  Sacrifice is a balls to wall, in-your-face, heavy metal tour de force.   

Biff Byford and the band are back, baby, and you will be cranking this one all the way to 11 from the hushed whispers of the opening track “Procession” to the last note of the bonus disc’s final remake of “Forever Free.”  In between these two songs you may just have to be careful not to give yourself a case of whiplash, as it is guaranteed you will be head-banging all night long! 

The title track, “Sacrifice” is not only the albums best cut, it is one of Saxon’s best songs—ever—and with their back catalog that is saying something.  These guys are on fire throughout the entire album.  “Made in Belfast” takes off like a can of gasoline introduced to a burning match while “Guardians of the Tomb” and “Stand Up and Fight” show that Saxon have mastered the art of creating metal masterpieces. 

Front man Biff Byford describes Saxon’s return to their classic sound as “Less tricks, more power!”  He goes on to say this return to form was totally planned, “My brief to the band was to be raw, be real and not be afraid to look back at the old classic material for inspiration. It’s certainly been done from a more early ‘80s thrashier perspective and it’s not just guitars bashing away willy-nilly, they’ve got a fresh drive, purpose and perspective.” 

The Limited Edition Deluxe version also contains a bonus disc where the band revisit classics from their past.  Instead of just rehashing the old tunes, Saxon has breathed new life into them by taking musical risks with the songs.  “From the songs to the production, I wanted to focus on the raw aspects which made us great in the first place,” concludes Biff, “And living in that rawness, combined with some great classic Saxon-songwriting, has in my opinion made Saxon fresher than ever.” 

This will, undoubtedly, be among the best rock records list for 2013.  

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SACRIFICE Track Listing:
01 Procession
02 Sacrifice
03 Made In Belfast
04 Warriors Of The Road
05 Guardians Of The Tomb
06 Stand Up And Fight
07 Walking The Steel
08 Night Of The Wolf
09 Wheels Of Terror
10 Standing In A Queue

Bonus Disc:
01 Crusader (Orchestrated version)
02 Just Let Me Rock (Re-recorded version)
03 Requiem (Acoustic version)
04 Frozen Rainbow (Acoustic version)
05 Forever Free (Re-recorded version) 

By Jeb Wright