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Adrenaline Mob – Coverta

Rating: B+

Supergroup Adrenaline Mob has released an 8-song EP titled Coverta that has instantly made them the best bar band in the world—EVER. 

The band is made up of drummer Mike Portnoy, guitarist Mike Orlando, vocalist Russell Allen, from the band Symphony X, and Disturbed bassist John Moyer.  After releasing their debut album, Omerta, in 2012, the band went in the studio and whipped out eight classic tunes with stunning results.

One can just imagine it being 30 years ago and this literal mob of musicians walking into a biker bar and cranking up these tunes.  It would have been musical mayhem.  Hell, it is musicalal mayhem!

This is a covers EP worth celebrating.  The ONLY thing wrong with it is that it is only eight songs included on the release.  I want to hear this band do ten, hell, twenty more classic tunes!  Where is the Maiden track?  The Ozzy track? The Robin Trower track?  So much more can be done--We want Volume II now!   

Where most covers albums fall short of being able to bring the listener back, time and time again, these guys slam it home making one crave the music.  Most albums of this ilk are more novelty than masterpiece, but with Coverta, this band has pumped out pure hard rock and heavy metal magic on every track.

Ronnie James Dio is represented in all three factions of his amazing career.  The band tips the hat to Dio era Rainbow with “Kill the King” and to his days in Black Sabbath with “Mob Rules” and, finally, to his solo career with the head-banging “Stand Up and Shout.”  These are the three standout tunes on the EP. 

The band Metal up Jim Morrison and the Doors with a dark and heavy version of “Break on Through” and make a manly version of the Heart classic “Barracuda.” 

“High Wire” by ‘80’s sorta supergroup Badlands is a huge and welcome surprise.  The tune opens the disc immediately grabbing the attention of the listener. 

Van Halen are represented by “Romeo Delight,” which is not one of their best known tunes, yet, that is what makes this album so freaking cool.  These guys are music fans and they take “Delight” and totally kick its ass. 

The bottom line here is that this is a tribute from the band to the music they loved when they were growing up.  Their passion, respect and reverence are evident as they slam this one home with each tune they play.

01. "High Wire," Badlands
02. "Stand Up and Shout," Dio
03. "Break on Through," The Doors
04. "Romeo Delight," Van Halen
05. "Barracuda," Heart
06. "Kill the King," Rainbow
07. "The Lemon Song," Led Zeppelin
08. "The Mob Rules," Black Sabbath

By Jeb Wright