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Martin Popoff – Scorpions: Top of the Bill (Book)

Rating: B+

The Scorpions are the most popular hard rock/heavy metal act to come out of Germany—ever.  They have a unique history and had to work hard to go from a German bar band to international rock stars. Now, with the release of his latest book, Rock Scribe Martin Popoff bellies up to the bar to share his stinging tales of Scorpions history; tales that come straight from the source—the Scorpions, themselves. 

Martin takes the reader on a historical, magical musical tour featuring interviews with band members Klaus Meine, Uli Jon Roth, Herman Rarebell, Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker and Matthias Jabs, along with the likes of Ralph Rieckermann, Francis Buchholz and legendary manager David Krebs.

Martin begins in the past…Germany and the release of the band’s first album Lonesome Crow.  From there it is a chronological push forward through the classic Uli Roth era, to the band breaking in America, to the biggies, such as Blackout and Love at First Sting, to the not so great 1990’s, to the band’s last studio effort, Comeblack

Its all here…Don Dokken stepping in for Klaus in the studio, Herman Rarebell going to the hospital and having  his parts recorded by Bobby Rondinelli, only to be re-recorded by Herman. Money issues, management issues, the huge world tours, the inspiration to songs like “Blackout” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” as well as why past members joined, quit and, sometimes, re-joined are all explained within the pages of this in-depth book. Top of the Bill shows the author at the top of his game, as interview after interview, song after song, the reader won’t be able to put this sucker down. 

This book is a both a celebration of the band’s music and a historic, album-by-album account of the highs, lows and dramatic turns of events that made the Scorpions one of the best Hard Rock bands in history.

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By Jeb Wright