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Chris Squire and Billy Sherwood - Conspiracy – Live
Purple Pyramid

Rating: B 

On April 9th, Purple Pyramid will release a very rare concert performance that fans of the band Yes will be interested in purchasing.  The band is called Conspiracy and features long time Yes bassist Chris Squire and former Yes replacement player Billy Sherwood. 

The concert, recorded in 2004, was actually a private gig and was released at the time on video.  Now the concert is available as a two-disc special, one a CD of the show and the other a DVD of the show, complete with in-depth bonus features.  

The show starts out with the tune “Conspiracy” which sounds reminiscent, musically of the Yes 90125 era, with more guitar solos.  “New World” a tune about September 11th is a majestic track that really shows just how talented this band is.  Sherwood is a rock star and he shines vocally as well as musically.  Squire plays his English arse off on bass (as usual).  

This concert features songs from both Conspiracy albums as well as from Chris Squire’s solo album Fish Out of Water, which have rarely been played live. 

While Prog Rock is not even on the menu when it comes to the flavor of the month in 2013, this concert shows how important this music is.  These are real musicians making real music.  This is not done for the money or the fame, but rather for the right reason…the music.  

Track Listing

1. Conspiracy
2. Days Of Wonder
3. New World
4. Red Light Ahead
5. Confess
6. The More We Live
7. Hold Out Your Hand / You By My Side
8. Universal Garden

1. Conspiracy
2. Days Of Wonder
3. Universal Garden
4. New World
5. The More We Live
6. Hold Out Your Hand
7. You By My Side
8. Confess
9. Red Light Ahead

• Interviews with the band - Chris Squire, Billy Sherwood, Jay Schellen, Michael Sherwood, and Scott Walton
• Behind The Scenes footage
• Photo Gallery
• Personnel listing

By Jeb Wright