RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Electric Light Orchestra – Zoom
Frontier Records

Rating: B

In 2001, ELO released the album Zoom.  This was an album dripping of the classic Jeff Lynne led sound mixed with some of the many production jobs Lynne had been involved with over the years.  Coming along for the ride and making guest appearances on Zoom were half the Beatles, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. 

At the time, Zoom was ELO’s return to stardom, as Lynne and ELO had not released a new album since 1986’s Balance of PowerZoom was heralded by the press, as songs including “Alright,” “Easy Money,” “Lonesome Lullaby” and “Moment in Paradise” saw Lynne still in fine form, creating his Lynne meets the Fab 4 style of rock that he was famous for.  Unfortunately, the times had changed and Zoom never really took off, commercially.  

Fast forward to April of 2013 and Zoom is being given a second chance through Frontiers Records.  The album sounds amazing as Lynne remastered the album and added two bonus tracks, “One Day” and a live version of “Turn to Stone.”  The result is the “Lost ELO” classic zooming back to a CD player near you! 

ZOOM: Alright, Moment in Paradise, State of Mind, Just for Love, Stranger on a Quiet Street, In My Own Time, Easy Money, It Really Doesn’t Matter, Ordinary Dream, A Long Time Gone, Melting in the Sun, All She Wanted, Lonesome Lullaby, One Day (Bonus), Turn to Stone (Live From CBS Television City) (Bonus) 

By Jeb Wright