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American Dog with Fin – Dogatized
Capital City Music Factory

Rating: B

American Dog, a tongue-in-something-wet, rocking, three chord (maybe four if the song calls for it) band are one of a last of a dying breed; a true blue hard rock band with attitude. 

These boys not only rock, they have fun doing it and enjoy the booze filled, and other things we can’t mention here, well, I guess we can mention them…no one is stopping us…we are talking stuff like sex in bathrooms with rock chicks and boobies being unleashed in the crowd and maybe even stuff that is kinda sorta legal in places like California.; you know...that sort of excellent rock and roll stuff that comes from living the rock and roll lifestyle.  So, who better for The Dog to team up with than the Waysted rocker, Pete Way of UFO fame?

Pete has such a long history of chemical warfare that all bets are off when it comes to the musician knowing where he is, who is his, what day it is and possibly even what he is!  Despite the wild rep, the man is still a rock and roll hound dog. In fact, all things looked perfect for him to become part of American Dog’s litter and make some killer hard rock.  Things didn’t quite work out as planned, however.  Pete lost his beloved wife to an untimely death and then faced immigration issues forcing him to leave the country. The band had already begun work on the album, which was originally going to be a solo Pete Way album of cover songs with American Dog serving as the backing band. 

When Pete’s vocalist in the band Waysted, Fin Muir, was in Ohio, American Dog’s home state, the band found him and humped his leg until he agreed to listen to the music they had already recorded.  He loved what he heard and came onboard to add his vocals.  The album is a mix of covers and new tunes with the covers getting the most attention, as the band chose cool tunes that not everyone and their brother have already remade.  Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” totally works and Mountain’s “Never in My Life” is a rocked up, powerful version of the famous song.  That said, the new tunes rock as well, making this one a total party from start to finish.  

Classic Rock Revisited says to click over to www.capitalcitymusicfactory.net snap this one up right away.

You will be glad you did and will find yourself pumping your fist in the air and looking for a leg to hump the entire time!

By Jeb Wright