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Head East – Raise a Little Hell
CME Records

Rating: B

Head East earned their reputation as one of the Midwest’s top touring acts in the 1970’s.   Now, in 2013, the band may be down to just one original member, keyboardist Roger Boyd, but the live, raise a little hell attitude is alive and well within the band.

Head East was, is and will always remain a living example of the live energy that their era of Rock and Roll is famous for. Their latest live set is a perfect example of how they helped write the book on feel good, dancing in the aisles rock concerts!  

Head East is Boyd, Greg Manahan (bass), Glen Bridger (lead guitar), Eddy Jones (drums) and Darren Walker (lead vocals).  While having only one original member is not unheard of in this day and age, what is rare is that the band, live, sound so close to the original.  Walker does not have an easy job on vocals, as Head East, vocally, always had such an original sound.

This show showcases the best the band has to offer, plus a wonderful remake of Canadian band Trooper with “Raise a Little Hell.” Elsewhere the music keeps coming at you and, as the crowd cheers prove, the band are kicking ass and taking names in 2013. 

“Getting Lucky” and “Get Up & Enjoy Yourself” are great upbeat and positive tunes that keep the listener’s toes a tapping.  “Me & My Whiskey” and “Jefftown Creek” bring out the harder rock side of the band, while the big FM hits are represented by the ballad “Love Me Tonight” and the rocker “There’s Never Been Any Reason,” which is one of FM radio’s all time classic songs.   

Boyd is determined to keep the music he loves alive as he states, “As long as I can lift my synthesizer over my head and the audience goes wild, we’ll keep rockin’ on!”

Head East are still rocking and, indeed, raising a little hell on this one!

Track Listing for Raise a Little Hell:

1. One Night
2. Getting Lucky
3. Get Up & Enjoy Yourself
4. Love Me Tonight
5. Say Yeah
6. Raise a Little Hell
7. Me & My Whiskey
8. Jefftown Creek
9. Prisoner
10. Since You've Been Gone
11. There's Never Been Any Reason
12. Elijah

By Jeb Wright