RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Pamela Moore – Resurrect Me
Rat Pak Records

Rating: B

There was once a band called Queensryche who released an album titled Operation Mindcrime.  The album went on to sell millions and millions of copies as the music was amazing and the storyline fantastical.  A main character in the album’s tale is a prostitute turned nun named Sister Mary.  The lady who played Sister Mary, and sang on the iconic album was none other than the platinum haired sexy Pamela Moore that we are reviewing right here, right now.   

Pamela still has the pipes and her vocals on this sucker are pure molten Metal.  She drips of Metal; she looks Metal, she sounds Metal and she has the attitude of Metal.  While most of the album is pretty much hard rocking ‘80’s Metal, there is enough of the modern day to make it interesting, but little enough of it to make it genuine. 

Did we mention she has some amazing pipes?  Three and a half octaves worth, which is enough to make Rob Halford jealous!  The album hits the streets the 14th of May and Rat Pak feels they have a hit on their hands.  You can visit http://ratpakrecordsamerica.com/pamelamoore.cfm to buy the CD, or you can get the music and a signed poster, a t-shirt and other cool stuff. 

The album starts off with “Acquiescent” which sets the tone for a spine tingling vocal performance.  Sister Mary is leading the Heavy Metal choir and the best way to pay her reverence is to crank it up to 11!  The best song is the powerful “Paranoia” but be sure to play this one to the end as the final track “Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)” is a mutha of a tune.  While many bands save the worst for last on the tracklisting, Pamela saved the strongest.  The album ends even stronger than it began.

This is not an album that will change how Metal is played and no one here is doing anything to change the world of music, but sometimes a hard rocking album with tons of guitars delivered with a kick ass throat is just what the doctor ordered.

For maximum effect play this one loud and often.

Track listing:
Melt Into You
We Are Damaged
Resurrect Me
The Sky Is Falling
Breaking Down
Desperate By Design
Wide Awake (Phoenix Rising)

By Jeb Wright