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War & Peace - The Flesh and Blood Sessions

Rating: B

War & Peace were a super group made up of Jeff Pilson (Dokken, DIO, Foreigner) on lead vocals and guitar; Vinny Appiece (Black Sabbath, Dio) on drums; Michael Diamond (Legs Diamond) on bass and Randy Hansen on lead guitar.

The band went into the studio in 1988 and cut tracks.  Deadline Records now released this batch of songs along with five other tunes Pilson put together in the 1990’s.  The sessions were originally mixed by Neil Kernon who is famous for his work with Dokken, Queensryche and Kansas.  The album is remastered by Wyn Davis.

War & Piece was a hard rocking band that showcased Pilson’s outrageous talents.  Stepping up to the microphone and playing guitar instead of his usual duties of background vocals and bass really show his fans what he is made of.

The reissue comes with new artwork and liner notes written by Pilson who states, “To this day, I'm frequently asked about this period of the band and thought that putting out this CD could answer many questions."  The only question one should ask is, “Why the hell didn’t this band make it?”  The songs rock and the band kick ass from the first note to the last.

The reissue also contains the bonus track “Heaven Knows” featuring Love/Hate guitarist Darren Housholder.  There is also a guest vocal by Robin McAuley on “What I Hid Behind.”

This is not the most original sounding music, but it is straight ahead ‘80’s rock that is done right.  These songs deserve to be heard.

The bottom line here: Pilson rocks!

"The Flesh & Blood Sessions" track listing:

01. Kill For The Love Of God
02. Snake Eyes
03. If I Put My Love In You
04. I Don't Want To Be Lonely
05. Nailed To The Cross
06. Idle Worship
07. Bringing It On
08. Raising Cain
09. What I Hide Behind
10. Heaven Knows 

By Jeb Wright