RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Walter Trout & His Band – Luther’s Blues: A Tribute to Luther Allison
Provogue Records

Rating: B+

In 2012, Walter Trout released the album Blues for the Modern Daze, which was, start to finish, probably the strongest album of his lengthy career.  If not his best, it was certainly his most emotionally charged album, full of anger, angst, irritability and over all pist-off-ness—with a good dose of the blues to keep it all from boiling over.  Now, a year later, he again brings an emotional album, this time full of reverence, friendship and a touch of sorrow, as he pays tribute to a man who was a musical hero to him in Luther Allison.

This album features Trout remaking Allison’s most loved songs, which is a huge task considering some haters tend to say Trout is a rocker in bluesman clothing.  With this tribute to Luther, Trout shows he may like to blast out some hard rockin’ licks but deep down his heart bleeds blue! 

Never before has Trout played the blues like THIS.  Where he calls the album a tribute, in some ways it is a spiritual excursion where Walter channels his friend’s spirit.  These emotionally charged versions of Allison’s songs are nearly exhausting to listen to as they are dripping with such passion.

Another treat on the disc is the last song, written by Trout for Luther titled “When Luther Played the Blues.”  This song, like the title, explains what I have been trying to convey in this review.  Simply put, Walter played his ass off on this one, inspired by another’s greatness allowing him to achieve his own.

1. I'm Back
2. Cherry Red Wine
3. Move from the Hood
4. Bad Love
5. Big City
6. Chicago
7. Just As I Am
8. Low Down and Dirty
9. Pain in the Streets
10. All the King's Horses
11. Freedom
12. Luther Speaks
13. When Luther Played the Blues

By Jeb Wright