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Paul McCartney and Wings – Wings Over America
Concord Music Group

Rating: B

Way back in 1976, Paul McCartney was riding high with his band Wings.  His post Beatles career was on fire, so much so that he was given the opportunity to record a live album an a television special titled Wings Over the World. 

Concord Music Group has taken both the live album, and the film, and put them together in a nifty package containing two CDs and a DVD.  This is the next installment of Concord’s Paul McCartney Archive Collection and like the other releases; they did a fine job from start to finish with the product.

The CDs contain the best of Wings and several Beatles classics.  Paul and band pump out “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Lady Madonna,” “The Long and Winding Road,” “Live and Let Die,” “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” “Bluebird,” “Blackbird” and “Yesterday” and that is all just on the first disc! 

The package also includes disc two, of which the highlights are “Silly Little Love Songs,” “Listen to What the Man Said” and “Hi Hi Hi.”  And to top it off like a cherry on a Sunday, you get the television special on DVD.

With McCartney on the road in 2013, this concert from 1976 gains even more interest.  It is a great look into his life just a few years past his Beatles experience.  He comes off confident, happy and musically on fire.

DISC ONE           
1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet 10:21         
2. Let Me Roll It 3:45     
3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 4:06  
4. Medicine Jar 4:07      
5. Maybe I'm Amazed 5:21        
6. Call Me Back Again 5:16        
7. Lady Madonna 2:38   
8. The Long And Winding Road 4:29       
9. Live And Let Die 3:21
10. Picasso's Last Words 1:54    
11. Richard Cory 3:05    
12. Bluebird 3:44          
13. I've Just Seen A Face 2:10   
14. Blackbird 2:27         
15. Yesterday 1:56        

DISC TWO          
1. You Gave Me The Answer 2:06          
2. Magneto And Titanium Man 3:21         
3. Go Now 3:47
4. My Love 4:15
5. Listen To What The Man Said 3:33      
6. Let 'Em In 4:09         
7. Time To Hide 4:57    
8. Silly Love Songs 6:04 
9. Beware My Love 4:59
10. Letting Go 4:34       
11. Band On The Run 5:30         
12. Hi Hi Hi 3:49           
13. Soily 5:47