RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Pat Travers – Can Do
Frontiers Records

Rating: B+

It may seem odd to describe a multi-platinum recording artist as ‘underrated’ but that is true when it comes to Pat Travers.  Most know the name and the two big hits, “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)” and “Snortin’ Whiskey” but many don’t realize that Pat Travers is one of the most original rock guitarists on the planet with a huge catalog that celebrates all things hard rock, blues and even jazzy geetar sorta stuff. 

Frontiers Records knows what PT is made of and on July 9, 2013 will release his latest studio album titled Can Do.  Simply put, Pat Travers has released another in a long line of great rocking albums.  PT has not lost a thing either vocally or musically and, in fact, is playing stronger than ever before.  

What makes Pat so special is his ability to play in a style of music that should be pretty obvious in its approach, but he puts in the unexpected creating his own sound and style in the process. 

One listen to the guitar runs in “Long Time Gone” and one hears that off kilter touch that Travers gives his music.  On the tune “Wanted (That was Then/This is Now)” PT introduces the song with a cool guitar vibe by hammering notes on the fret board while his other hand twists the guitar’s volume knob up and down.  “Can Do” opens the album with that same confident musical punch that has made Pat start his concerts with the famous jeer, “We’re here to kick your ass!” 

Indeed, Can Do does kick ass.  “Diamond Girl” is a love song but, once again, it is Travers-ized, taking it from the predictable to the kick ass in one fell swoop of the guitar. 

As he has often done in the past Travers remakes a tune, totally reworking it and making it his own.  This time it is the Eurythmics classic “Here Comes the Rain.”  All one can say is ‘wow’ as Pat Travers takes a classic new wave ‘80’s tune and truly rearranges it into his classic sound and style. 

The best and most Pat Travers classic sounding moment on Can Do is the instrumental “Keep Calm & Carry On.”  With this song PT proves he is not only playing at the top of his game, but that he still has that ‘it’ factor that has made him so endeared to his fans for over three decades. 

“When I was contacted by Frontiers to record a new original studio album they asked me if I could create some music reminiscent of my earlier albums that were done in the U.K. and South Florida in the late ‘70’s early ‘80’s.” says Pat. “What made those records different was that I was allowed the luxury of spending some time in the studio without any outside influences and that’s when I could get really creative. Frontiers Records let me have the time I needed to work on the songs and production. Also the beginning of 2012 was a particularly creative period for me and I believe I have written some of my best material ever for Can Do a classic PT record.”

This one is a must-own for Pat Travers fans.

Tracklisting: Can Do; Stand Up / Give It Up; Diamond Girl; As Long As I’m With You; Long Time Gone; Wanted (That Was Then / This Is Now); Armed And Dangerous; Here Comes The Rain Again; Keep Calm & Carry On; Dust & Bone; Waitin’ On The End Of Time; Red Neck Boogie.

Pat Travers: Guitar and Vocals
Kirk McKim: Guitar
Sandy Gennaro: Drums
Rodney O’Quinn: Bass Guitar
Monica Travers: Backing Vocals
Sean Shannon: Drums and Percussion
Doug Bare: Keyboards
Carl Cleaver: Keyboards

By Jeb Wright