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Head East – Live
Rock Candy

Rating: B

Exploding out of the Midwest in the 1970’s, Head East quickly garnered a reputation as a grand live act.  They earned their living on the road, cranking out three to four chord rock tunes that were there to get the crowd on their feet and having a good time.  While they finally hit the big time with the album Flat as a Pancake and the classic tune “Never Been Any Reason” the band were already huge on the concert circuit of the day. 

In 1979, in the midst of the double-live album release days, the band’s label, A&M Records decided that Head East were worthy of their own two disc concert release.  Smart move as the band were best when in front of a crowd. 

Many tunes were never properly captured in the studio and the live album contains such classics as “Take a Hand,” “City of Gold” and “Elijah.”  The best moments of the live concert, however, are “Never Been Any Reason,” “Get Up & Enjoy Yourself,” “Love Me Tonight” and the bombastic “Jefftown Creek.” 

This is a classic show from a band that was a bit of an unsung hero back in the day.  Live is a return to a time when Rock and Roll ruled the world…and what a time it was!

By Jeb Wright