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Fly Like An Eagle – An All-Star Tribute To Steve Miller Band
Purple Pyramid Records

Rating: B

It is about damn time!  With all of the tribute albums over the years it is nice to see one of the Midwest’s most famous American rockers immortalized by his peers! 

Yes, its little Stevie Miller that kid whose dad was buddies with Les Paul.  Yep, it’s that kid who could play the blues and then later became that hippie hanging in San Fran on Haight Street.   And after that he became one of America’s best rock and roll songwriters, penning hit after hit and selling millions of albums. 

Purple Pyramid Records teamed up with talented multi-instrumentalist Billy Sherwood and put together an impressive 11-song collection of Millers biggest hits including “Take the Money & Run,” “The Joker,” “Jet Airliner,” “Abracadabra” and more.  They got some great names to participate as well, giving Miller’s songs new attitude and, at times, some pretty damn cool new arrangements.

Who would have ever imagined Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens teaming up with Asia vocalist and bass player John Wetton on “Jet Airliner”?  Well, ya know what, its still three chords but it works.  “The Joker” is delivered big by Porcupine Tree’s John Wesley, perhaps being the coolest arrangement on the disc.  Elsewhere we have Rick Wakeman, Fee Waybill, Derek Sherinian, John Parr, Geoff Downs, Martin Turner, Joe Lynn Turner, Steve Morse, Steve Argent, the band Nektar and more all paying tribute to Miller’s classic tunes. 

Okay, tribute albums are nothing new.  Some are good and some are a joke and many are forgotten as soon as they hit the shelf.  What makes this one cool is the music contained within.  Steve Miller, while achieving massive amounts of success has never had people lining up to pay tribute to him. 

This mix of tunes, ranging from pop classic to some of his early songs like “Space Cowboy” and “Living in the USA” just work with different personalities interjected into their classic DNA. 

It says something about an artist when people as diverse as members of The Tubes, Dream Theater and Rainbow come together to celebrate their music.  This proves the timelessness and specialness of Steve Miller’s music.  Come on now, check this one out and join the fun!

Track Listing
1. Take The Money & Run - Colin Moulding (XTC) & Tony Kaye (Yes)
2. Jet Airliner - John Wetton (Asia) & Steve Stevens
3. Living In The USA - Fee Waybill (The Tubes) & Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater)
4. Abracadabra - John Parr & Rick Wakeman (Yes)
5. Swingtown - Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash) & Geoff Downes (Yes / Asia)
6. Winter Time - Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) & Peter Banks (Yes / Flash)
7. The Joker - John Wesley (Porcupine Tree)
8. Jungle Love - Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) & Steve Morse
9. Space Cowboy - Jimi Jamison (Survivor) & Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)
10. Rock’n Me - Rod Argent (Argent) & Steve Hillage (Gong)
11. Fly Like An Eagle - Nektar with Geoff Downes

By Jeb Wright