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Walking Papers - Walking Papers
Loud and Proud Records

Rating: B+
Hats off to Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver fame for having the rock and roll guts to join a band and then help, record and release an album well outside of his popularly known musical wheelhouse. Duff may be thought of as the 'cute bass player' from the famous "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Paradise City" videos from back in the 1980's but the truth is there is much more to the man who shares the same name as the famous beer served on The Simpsons.
Duff is not just a creative dude, he's a smart muther f-er. The guy is an economist--really, he is. And a writer. And a guy that could, if he were not so rock and roll cool, bore you at a dinner party talking about the USA's Economic Index. Thank God the guy is still into tunes! With Walking Papers Duff is a member of a dynamic band that possesses musical multiple personalities...this is a band that on paper probably shouldn't work but on vinyl, or plastic or download--or whatever the hell it is on these days...it works very well.
Okay, so, I gotta warn ya...it can be downright grim. "Already Dead" while a great song had me pondering the choices I had made in life and suddenly wondering if it was all worth it...however, despite the introspection, this song has a groove and an attitude that sets the tone for the album. There is no slithering through the jungle in Duff's new band. Nope, these guys have a Seattle rainy day sound that is every bit as comfortable cranked up by us old farts as it is heard on current modern rock radio.

Walking Papers’ self-titled is not just Duff, however, as the band consists of Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson (The Missionary Position), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season) and Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver). Not so much a super group as a super bunch of musicians, Walking Papers is additively sneaky...it creeps up on you and taps you on the shoulder reminding you to check out the CD again, and again. High points include "I'll Stick Around," "The Whole World's Watching," "Leave Me in the Dark" and "Capital T." Each of these songs verify the earlier comments that this is unique music, produced and performed well, which in this day and age is freakin' rare.
So, get out your Walking Papers and crank this one up. It is not only interesting, it is actually intriguing music that keeps calling you back for more, which, in this writers opinion is what good music is supposed to do.
Already Dead
The Whole World's Watching
Your Secret's Safe with Me
Red Envelopes
Leave Me in the Dark
I'll Stick Around
Capital T
A Place Like This
Independence Day


By Jeb Wright