RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Levin Minnemann Rudess - Levin Minnemann Rudess
Lazy Bones Recordings

Rating: A+

Many people (most people, actually) don't quite get Prog Rock and what it’s all about. They miss the point that Prog is the Jazz of the Rock world, it’s Musician's Music where the artist can stretch out and show off and impress themselves, their peers and the small, yet rabid fans of this highly complex music.

What trips most people up about Prog is that it is not easily accessible, and in today's current American Dream, easily accessible is a MUST. So, most Prog goes right over the average American's head, left to be devoured by the Rock Nerds of the world. It’s a shame really.

Well, lets be honest, a huge majority of Prog really does fly over most people's heads, but when done right...when the almighty Zen Prog Masters are in THE ZONE and making music that is both brilliant and accessible, then some D-A-M-N fine, righteous sounds are snatched from the Universe of Notes and harnessed into Earthly form, creating an incredible energy that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God and that human being's are capable of much more than hunting, gathering, eating, sleeping working and screwing. Yep, when it’s good...it’s THAT good.

If I were to stop kissing their asses for a moment I would simply say that Levin Minnemann and Rudess have released an album that drips of pure talent and unleashed pure music into our often drab universe. The music these three men have made imitates the emotional aspects of humanity. At times it rushes, nearly out of control, other times it sets a mood with musical light and shade, all the while stretching the very fabric of our imaginations.  The music becomes a living entity much stronger than that three men who were chosen by the Musical Gods to be the mediums used to create this audio nectar.

It is no wonder, upon closer examination, how this came to be, as Tony Levin is perhaps the best bass player to ever grace the musical world, while drummer Marco Minnemann is a pure maestro of the beat and Jordan Rudess is, simply put, a keyboard freak.

Together these guys have made something special. And I am a guitar guy. I like Foghat. If I can get into this then anyone can get into this, for this album is a musical trip that once taken, never gets old.

Damn, I totally failed in the ‘not kissing their ass’ thing, but suffice it to say, I sure as hell like this band.

By Jeb Wright