RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

John Waite – Live All Access

Rating B

John Waite first found fame with the band The Babys and then with his solo mega-hit “Missing You” back in the 80s.  His good fortune kept going with supergroup Bad English and the ballad “When I See You Smile.”  Now, he is back with an eight-track live album via iTunes titled Live All Access.

Several things make this a cool release, one of which is the fact that “Missing You” and “When I See You Smile” are not on the album.  Instead there are songs like the new ballad “If You Ever Get Lonely” and The Babys classic “Head First.”  The album also introduces hard rocking guitarist Keri Kelli to the band.  Kelli, most known for his recent time spent in Alice Cooper’s band, brings a cutting edge approach to Waite’s tunes.  The singer responds with a passionate performance.

Waite has a unique voice and we are happy to report the man has still got it.  Few men with such talent have been lucky enough and worked hard enough to be as strong vocally as they were in their prime. 

This one, while only eights songs long, is well worth the iTunes price tag of $9.99.  The tempo is upbeat on most tunes (only two are ballads) and it may just surprise you just how much this sucker rocks. 

By Jeb Wright