RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

OKTA LOGUE - Tales of Transit City
The End Records

Rating: A

The Spirit of Syd Barrett is alive and well in the band OKTA LOGUE! These guys certainly have an old school element to their music...not just any old school vibe either, but that funky, weird, atmospheric and overindulgent period of the 1960s when Pink Floyd was known as The Pink Floyd and led by one of the most iconic frontmen of all time.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying OKTA LOGUE is copying anyone here...as that would not be very Syd of them! Nope, instead this band has an ethereal feel and sound that reminds one of early Floyd, however, they are very comfortable in their own skin; making their own music.

Where many young bands, who discover the trippy music of the days of yore, fail is in their attempts to recreate the past. They unwittingly try really hard to conform to the past sound, all the while claiming to be nonconformists, when what they are doing is conforming to something that has already been done.

Not these guys…OKTA LOGUE is creating their own future here...it just so happens they must have really liked early Floyd. And if they did not, then the whole Zen aspect of it is mindboggling.

This band has something to say and from the opening notes of "Transit" to the final tune, "You," one becomes entrapped in the musical web they unfold. This is not an album to be sampled, or one that has filler. This is an honest to God complete album that needs to be soaked up from start to finish and gets better with each listening experience. 

This exciting sophomore effort from the band with one of the weirdest names of all time is, in the worlds of Ted Theodore Logan, “most excellent.” It is a musical mind trip, the likes of which have not been done this good in ages.

The band have a hippie vibe, a rock vibe and a compositional vibe that gives this writer hope, for the first time in a long time, that real music may return to the forefront of our consciousness.

Track List:
1. Transit
2. Mr. Busdriver
3. Dream On
4. Let Go
5. Chase The Day
6. Judith
7. Cats In The Alley
8. Just To Fall Asleep
9. You

By Jeb Wright