RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes – Live: Reach Up and Touch the Sky
BGO Records

Rating: B

By 1981, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes were becoming a thing of the past on the charts, already surpassed by the other guy from New Jersey named Springsteen and soon to be overshadowed by other native son Jon Bon Jovi.  However, the band was not dead yet as they, more than the others, have the true New Jersey rock and roll feeling.  They stayed true to the sound they loved and the roots that they grew up with. 

On Live: Reach Up and Touch the Sky the band poured it all out.  They rocked, they rolled and they even made fun of The Eagles!  You will just have to buy this one, listen to it and hear it for yourself! 

Originally, this was a double live LP on Mercury Records.  The tracks are pretty much Johnny’s best stuff from his album releases on Epic and Mercury record labels but there are also a few fun moments where the bands pays homage to Sam Cooke and others. 

The album has been remastered by BGO Records and includes new, extensive liner notes.  This album takes one back to a time where music was cool.  It has a look, a sound, a swagger and nothing was more important than grabbing your girl for the slow song.  A true live album from a time that is too far gone in this day and age of throwaway music.  Listening to Southside reminds us that music used to mean something.  So belly up to the bar, crank this one up, boogie when it is appropriate and don’t you dare let the guys see you shed that tear during the sad songs! 

Remember, ya gotta stay cool, man!


  1. I’m So Anxious
  2. Talk To Me
  3. All I Want Is Everything
  4. Hearts Of Stone
  5. Take It Easy
  6. Trapped Again
  7. Why Is Love Such A Sacrifice
  8. Restless Heart
  9. Vertigo
  10. I Don’t Want To Go Home
  11. The Fever
  12. Stagger Lee
  13. Sam Cooke Medley: Only Sixteen/(What A) Wonderful World/You Send Me/A Change Is Gonna Come
  14. Bring It On Home To Me
  15. Having A Party (Part 1)
  16. Back In The U.S.A.
  17. Medley: Having A Party (Part 2)/Roll Out The Barrel

By Jeb Wright