RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Joe Grushecky – Somewhere East of Eden
Schoolhouse Records

Rating: B

Joe Grushecky is a tough as the town of steel where he resides.  He has endured a lifetime of near hits and misses and through it all remained a dynamic positive force for his hometown of Pittsburgh.

Joe has a famous friend named Bruce Springsteen and his songwriting style is much like The Boss.  Springsteen is more pop oriented where Joe has a very personal touch.  On Somewhere East of Eden Joe opens up and gives commentary on the current war in Gulf with the title track, tells a tale of forbidden love in “When Castro Came Down From the Hills” and, with much of the rest of the disc, speaks openly about something that has been close to his heart, the treatment of disadvantaged children.  Of course, since he’s from Pittsburgh there is some kick ass blues ala the classic “John the Revelator.” 

All in all, Joe Grushecky remains a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist/vocalist who remains just under the radar.  Somewhere East of Eden may just be the best thing he has done in his 30+ year career, making it a true diamond in the rough.

By Jeb Wright