RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Robert Randolph & the Family Band – Lickety Split
Blue Note Records

Rating: B

Robert Randolph is well known in blues circles around the globe, but this amazing slide guitarist is slowly gaining mass appeal and acceptance.  The reason why?  His talent, which is hands down so slippery and soulful that one can just imagine him being a huge hit in the early 1970’s, dressed in funky suede and wearing a hat with a big feather in it.

This dude is funky, bluesy, soulful, rocking and impressive.  He can flat out play, sing, write and move to the music.  The album starts off with a grooving tune called “Amped Up” and the high energy attack immediately forces one to crank it up! 

Carlos Santana knows talent when he hears it, so it is no wonder he went out of his way to appear on two of the best songs on the album, “Brand New Wayo” and “Blacky Joe.”  Randolph and Santana may be logistically worlds apart in terms of their family history, but when they play together they fit tight as twins.

This one is a winner from start to finish.  Robert Randolph has brought new life, new energy and a unique styling to the blues.  Look for even bigger and better things for him in the future. 

By Jeb Wright