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Peter Aaron - If You Like The Ramones…
Backbeat Books

Rating: B

The Ramones influenced future minimalist music, as well as vaulted Punk Rock into the American Culture back in the 1970’s.  Out of all the classic Punk bands no one was quite as original, quite as nerdy-cool, and quite as quirky as The Ramones.  They didn’t have the violence of the Sex Pistols, or the angst of The Clash, and they were miles away from the make-up and pierced violent Punkers from across the sea.  They were more Punk’s version of West Side Story with electric guitars, drugs and attitude.

Peter Aaron proves he knows the band better than they know themselves as he reviews over 200 bands, CDs, films, comic books and other oddities in this interesting look at how The Ramones discovered themselves and were influenced by others. 

From Motorhead, to Blue Cheer, to Iggy Pop, to Mad Magazine, Aaron dissects the popular culture that both made up The Ramones, as well as helped them influence other misfits who related their three chords and attitude.

By Jeb Wright