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Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers Live
Eagle Rock Entertainment

Rating: A

While the year 1984 may not seem that long ago to us jaded rock scribes and hard core rock and roll fans, it was.  It’s been nearly three decades.  The illusion of time can be a bitch!  There is no way it’s been over ten thousands days since we were elated to hear the news that the classic Mark II line up of Deep Purple was reuniting.  Yet, it was that long ago. 

While our hair may be gray and/or falling out and gravity may have taken over in areas we wish it would not have, there is good news.  For starters, Eagle Rock Entertainment has unearthed a great looking and sounding video of the classic Perfect Strangers Tour.  The second piece of good news is that this stuff is still is as exciting all these years down the road, as it was way been when.

The show was filmed in Melbourne, Australia and it is the only known pro shot film of this time period known to exist.  That alone makes is cool but, just think for a moment…this really is rock and roll history coming to life right before our eyes and ears.  It is the tour of the reformed Deep Purple Mark II, the one that matters most.  We are talking about. Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice all together on stage and having fun. 

Watching Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore actually taunting and teasing each other in good fun is insane.  History has proven that these guys don’t get together on Sunday after church for an ice cream cone.  I doubt they even send each other Christmas cards.  Yet, for this performance, the entire band is enjoying themselves.  There is even great bonus footage of the band talking about the experience of making the reunion album Perfect Strangers.

Now, the other exciting thing about this release is the set list.  They picked the best of the past and mixed it with the best of the, then, new songs.  Just peep it out at the end of this review.  If that and the video clip are not enough to make you click over to Amazon.com and buy this sucker then there is something wrong with you. 

Take a trip back to 1984 and crank this one up loud and often.

1) Highway Star
2) Nobody's Home
3) Strange Kind Of Woman
4) A Gypsy s Kiss
5) Perfect Strangers
6) Under The Gun
7) Knocking At Your Back Door
8) Lazy (inc Ian Paice Drum Solo)
9) Child In Time
10) Difficult To Cure
11) Jon Lord Keyboard Solo
12) Space Truckin (in Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Solo)
13) Black Night
14) Speed King
15) Smoke On The Water

By Jeb Wright