RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Zodiac – A Hiding Place
Napalm Records

Rating: B+

Somehow a German band has released a new album that sounds more like a mix of early Neil Young, ZZ Top and other three-chord and lots of solos bands that were popular in the 1970s. 

The band has only been around a few years, yet they are proving their salt as a true classic rock band with a bright future…that is so long as they get people to listen to them.  This has not been an issue in Europe, but no one in the USA is giving them too much attention…yet. 

As classic rockers discover the grooves of “Downtown,” and “Leave Me Blind” then one must believe they will get at least a little bit of respect on this side of the pond. 

For a bunch of Krauts, they sure remind one of a band that could have grown up in Florida in the 60s!  Suffice it to say, Zodiac is Southern Rocking good fun who make REAL rock and roll, which, in this day and age is rare. 

This album rocks so please give them a chance and a listen.  I guarantee they will make your favorites playlist and you will be the next one to tell one of your friends about this kick ass little old band from Germany!

Top of Form

1.  Downtown
2.  Free
3.  Underneath My Bed
4.  Leave Me Blind
5.  Moonshine
6.  Believer
7.  I Wanna Know Part 1
8.  I Wanna Know Part 2
9.  Cortez The Killer (Neil Young Cover)
10. Sleep of the Hollow (Bonus Track)
11. Leave Me Blind (Extended) (Bonus Track)

By Jeb Wright