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Flash – In Public (featuring Peter Banks)
Adequate Sounds

Rating: B

Peter Banks playing in 1973 with his band Flash at the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City…this is one of those Holy Grail performances for Progressive Rock Nerds. 

The band were sharing a bill with The Byrds, who were about to throw in the towel.  In fact, after being basically blown off the stage, they hung it up shortly after this gig. 

The album would have never been if not for Flash crew member George Mizer.  Mizer, who purchased the recording of the show made that night.  He was actually working with Banks on the final mix in 2013 when the legendary guitarist passed away. 

“1972-73 was a very special time for me and my love for music in general, getting to go out on the road with one of my favorite bands was unreal for me, now 40 years later we are getting the first complete Flash concert recording ever to be released.” says Mizer.  “Even with the loss of Pete Banks in March I am sure he would have been pleased with the ‘Flash featuring Ray Bennett and Colin Carter’ release – if you haven’t got it yet you are missing a treat.”

While Flash would never reach the heights of Banks other band, Yes, they were an interesting band that made some clever music.  It is wonderful that this album is being properly released as it’s a true testament to a great time period where musical artistry was more important that showmanship and fluff. 

Flash may not have lasted long, but this concert proves they were definitely more than just a flash in the pan!

Track Listing:
Small Beginnings 8:36
Black And White 12:23
Stop That Banging 4:10
There No More 8:45
Children Of The Universe 8:43
Dreams Of Heaven 24.54

Flash video teasers:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHkL68uXqBo (Preview)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1v3EcFTCbA (Preview)

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By Jeb Wright