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Springsteen & I: The Music, The Fans, The Soundtrack to So Many Lives
Eagle Rock Entertainment


Rating: B

Okay, when I saw a documentary was being made by the fans of the Boss saying how much they love him my first thought was, “Really?  Does Springsteen really need anymore adulation and fan worship.  Enough already.”  However, when I watched the disc I got why this was made.  I got why these peeps loved the Boss and I gained new respect for Springsteen.

Bruce really does care about his fans and they know it.  They respect him, love him, and really have allowed his music to change their lives.  Some of the tributes are funny, some heartfelt, some funny and some a bit creepy.  Yet, they are all genuine.  My favorite is the guy who loves his wife so much he puts up with her obsession but tells her after having Bruce’s music played to him so much over the years that it has lost its edge.  And he tells the camera to tell Bruce to shorten his concerts as they are just too long. 

Elsewhere a dude cries while driving down the street, a couple in love dances in their modest apartment and person after person tells of their passion for Bruce.  Many have homemade footage of when Bruce actually brought them out of the crowd to dance, or, like the Philly Elvis, sing. 

At the end of the day, this is tribute to Springsteen but also to his craft.   His music, like all great music, is much more spiritual and deep than the person who is the tool for the creator to work through.  These people may love Bruce but they also love the ethereal and spiritual gift that only music that touches your heart can bring.

By Jeb Wright