RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Adrian Galysh – Tone Poet

Rating: B+

Every once and a while a musician comes along and releases an album that truly deserves attention and accolades.  In 2013, that musician is guitarist Adrian Galysh and the album is Tone Poet.  Adrian is not well known in the popular world of music but he is highly respected and regarded by industry professionals and the famous musicians he has worked with. In fact, a couple of them have joined him in the making of this album.  Drummer Todd Sucherman of Styx donated his time and talents to fill in the grooves, and vocalist Mark Boals blasts the voice from beginning to end. The rest, however, belongs to Galysh.

Much of the album features instrumental passages that are Gothic and robust.  Adrian chooses not to wank around and be overindulgent and solo just for soloing’s sake.  Instead, he crafts his songs, plays tasteful and impressive solos, and gives the most life possible to his musical creations.

The bottom line here is that Tone Poet rocks, is creatively excellent and sonically superb.  Buy this one and play it loud and often.

By Jeb Wright