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Queen – The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
Eagle Vision


Rating: A

In 1992, one year after Queen front-man Freddie Mercury lost his life to AIDS, Queen and many talented guests paid tribute to their fallen friend and hero with one of the most famous tribute concerts ever organized. Now, released as a double DVD with a bonus disc that features a documentary and rehearsal footage, this event comes back to life with net proceeds of the releases benefiting the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which fights AIDS worldwide.

Guns ‘n’ Roses and Metallica play some of their own famous songs on the first disc, which always felt odd, as this was supposed to be about Mercury?  But they rock none-the-less.  There is Def Leppard playing the Queen classic “Now I’m Here” and Bob Geldolf performing “Too Late God.”  These are, in effect, the warm-up acts, as the real show begins with disc two and Queen playing classics with guests sitting in. 

This is such an historic performance…on performance gets Queen and Slash together on “Tie Your Mother Down,” with vocals supplied by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot.  There is “I Want It All” with Roger Daltrey and Tony Iommi.  “Under Pressure” with David Bowie, “These Are the Days of Our Lives” with George Michael and Lisa Stansfield and “The Show Must Go On” with Elton John and Iommi.  This concert saw pairs like John and Iommi that would never happen anywhere else, and that is what makes it so damn special.

This one is a winner, and part of your funds goes to a great cause.  Show some love, and listen and watch some great music. 

Jeb Wright