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Move Me Brightly – A Documentary Film Celebrating Jerry Garcia’s 70th Birthday
Eagle Vision


Rating: B

It hard to believe Jerry Garcia would have been 70 years old were he still alive.  Thinking of Captain Trips as a 70 year old is certainly a trip in and of itself, yet having a party to celebrate the fact at Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir’s studio and inviting a ton of famous musicians along to celebrate is a damn great idea.

This release is part documentary, narrated and hosted by Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman’s son, and part live concert featuring many jam-band Dead Heads and other Grateful Dead alum jamming away.  There is even a humorous cameo by the Red Rocker Sammy Hagar, a neighbor of Weir’s. 

The songs are the true event, however, as the musicians pay tribute to Jerry with incredible performances of Grateful Dead classics including “Shakedown Street,” “Eyes of the World,” “Terrapin Station,” “Franklin’s Tower,” “U.S. Blues,” “Tennessee Jed,” “Ship of Fools” and “New Speedway Boogie” among others.  The band has some pretty impressive dudes coming on and off stage including Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Donna Jean Godchaux, Carlos Santana, Perry Farrell, Mike Campbell and Bill Walton. 

This one is worth buying for many reasons.   You get the great music and unique versions of some of Jerry’s best songs performed by great musicians and an in-depth, well shot and visually and sonically excellent documentary on Jerry’s life both in and out of music.  Tales are told from family, friends, co-workers, those he influenced and even from his children. 

Long Live Jerry!

By Jeb Wright