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Herman Rarebell & Friends – Acoustic Fever
MFP Music Productions


Rating: B

Herman Rarebell, most famously known as the skins pounder during the Scorpions magnificent popularity in the 1980’s, has released a new CD that features songs he co-wrote with the band and performed acoustically with his friends (who just happen to be rock stars.)

Herman plays drums on the album.  Joining him on guitar is Robby Lochner from Rob Halford’s band FIGHT while bass duties are handed by Dario Seixas (Jack Russell’s Great White).  The lead guitar is superbly played by flamenco guitarist Jose Antonio Rodgriguez and Corey Whitehead.  These men lay a unique, acoustic, flamenco based foundation of the classic songs, while guest singers add their flavor to the tunes. 

At times, this works amazing well.  John Parr is excellent on “Passion Rules the Game” as is Doogie White on “You Give Me All I Need.”  Other places there are a few takes that may not have been the best choice including Bobby Kimball on “Rock You Like a Hurricane.”  Of course Bobby is an amazing singer but he sounds a bit out of place on this rocking classic.  Jack Russell sounds like a small mouse on “Don’t Make No Promises” which was a bit of disappointment, as this is a great deep album Scorpions cut that could have been better served by another voice.

The rest of it, however, is pretty damn solid.  Michael Voss totally does “Loving You Sunday Morning” justice as does Alex Ligertwood on “Is There Anybody There.”   Tony Martin gives a solid performance on “Another Piece of Meat” while Don Dokken comes through on “You Give Me All I Need.”   The best vocal on the album goes to Michael Nagy on the album’s final track “Animal Magnetism.

This disc is cool for the obvious guests and new musical takes on the tunes, yet it is more than that.  The track listing goes much deeper than most Scorpions collections and features great tunes one just does not hear any more like “Falling in Love” and “Arizona.” 

Herman Ze German did good with this one.  Now we wait until he plugs the instruments in as Electric Fever, with the exact same track list and guests… which would be a most interesting follow-up, indeed.  

"Acoustic Fever" track listing:

01. Loving You Sunday Morning (vocals by Michael Voss)
02. Passion Rules The Game (vocals by John Parr)
03. Is There Anybody There (vocals by Alex Ligertwood)
04. Rock You Like A Hurricane (vocals by Bobby Kimball)
05. You Give Me All I Need (vocals by Don Dokken)
06. Make It Real (vocals by Doogie White)
07. Dynamite (vocals by Johnny Gioeli)
08. Falling In Love (vocals by Gary Barden)
09. Don't Make No Promises (vocals by Jack Russell)
10. Love Is Blind (vocals by Paul Shortino)
11. Arizona (vocals by George Daniels)
12. Another Piece Of Meat (vocals by Tony Martin)
13. Animal Magnetism (vocals by Michael Nagy)

By Jeb Wright