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Europe – Live at Sweden Rock: 30th Anniversary Show


Rating: B

Europe will always be best remembered for their ‘80s rock anthem “The Final Countdown.”  They will next be remembered for their hair ballad “Carrie.”  While these are two beloved songs from that era and have given Europe their historical place in said era, the truth is, these are two of their lamest songs.  Okay, sure one is sappy slow-dance sweet, and the other is a guilty pleasure when cranked up to 11, but they are not very representative of who Europe was and is.  This 30th anniversary show, recorded at the amazing Sweden Rock Festival shows that Europe is a much heavier balls-to-the-wall rock band than most who grew up in the ‘80s ever realized.

“Rock the Night” is a prime example of a great rock anthem, but this set is full of much heavier tunes than this.  Europe was a heavy band, akin at times to Judas Priest but they got most famous on this side of the pond for their softer and poppier tunes.

Today’s version of Europe is the same as “The Final Countdown” days  and includes Joey Tempest (vocals), John Norum (guitar), John Levén (bass), Mic Michaeli (keyboards) and Ian Haugland (drums).  This massive set list covers the bands entire career, from 1983 to 2012.  There are 28 tunes in all.  There are two surprise cover tunes with two famous guitar players sitting in with the band.  Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham sits in for Europe’s version of the classic Lizzy tune “Jailbreak” and ex-UFO guitar god Michael Schenker joins the group for a blistering version of the UFO classic “Lights Out.”

Europe was pumped up for this show and its release to their fans.  The show is well done, the lights, sound and stage personas are all top notch.  The bonus features and interviews are entertaining and enlightening.  This one is a winner! 

"Live At Sweden Rock - 30th Anniversary Show" track listing:

01. Riches To Rags
02. Firebox
03. Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
04. Scream Of Anger
05. Superstitious
06. No Stone Unturned
07. New Love In Town
08. In The Future To Come
09. Paradize Bay
10. Girl From Lebanon
11. Prisoners In Paradise
12. Always The Pretenders
13. Drink And A Smile
14. Open Your Heart
15. Love Is Not The Enemy
16. Sign Of The Times
17. Start From The Dark
18. Wings Of Tomorrow
19. Carrie
20. Jailbreak (feat. Scott Gorham)
21. Seven Doors Hotel
22. Drum Solo
23. The Beast
24. Let The Good Times Rock
25. Lights Out (feat. Michael Schenker)
26. Rock The Night
27. Last Look At Eden
28. Final Countdown