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Altitudes & Attitude - Altitudes & Attitude
Megaforce Records

Rating: B

What do you get when you take a pair of bass players from two of the Big 4 Thrash Metal bands and put them in a studio to make a three-song EP?  The answer is some damn fine music!

David Ellefson from Megadeth and Frank Bello of Anthrax have teamed up to form a new band called Altitudes & Attitude.  One might expect low end from hell, thundering away to out of control maximum guitar riffage, but that is so not what you get from these two.

Nope, they must get their daily serving of head-banging whiplash in their day gigs, so instead of blasting the roof off the studio, they toned it down and created three hard rocking songs, more classic and melodic than metallic.  Hmm, wudda know…it worked!

“Booze and Cigarettes” is a driving rocker with a great Cheap Trick style hook that was, oddly enough, inspired from Bello’s late Grandmother.  Bello disclosed the story to Rolling Stone magazine, “My grandmother never smoked or drank a day in her life. When she was receiving chemo, I would wheel her to treatment and jokingly say to her, 'Come on, Gram, get your booze and cigarettes for the ride,' and that would make her smile. It's a tribute to my grandmother, who passed in 2012."

The second song, “Here for the Ride” is the most intense of the three.  This one kicks it hard and will have fists raised in the air.  It is the third tune, however, “Tell the World,” that is the best overall written song of the three.  It could easily be a power pop rock song.  It has a modern enough sound to make it relevant, but enough ‘70s vibe to make it retro-cool. This one is the total package…lyrics, groove, a good beat and an excellent hook.

This is good stuff….kinda old school with a kick.  Best of all, it’s both creative and refreshing.

These three songs tease the listener and make one want to hear an entire album of tunes.

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By Jeb Wright