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XNA – When We Changed You
Sand Canyon


Rating: B

Many among you have said, ‘Prog Rock is dead’ and many have agreed.  However, is the genre really dead, or as most things in today’s convoluted musical landscape, has Prog Rock just been pushed closer to the edge than ever before, while tarts with tits win ‘talent’ contests on national television and take the spotlight? 

Anyone who is a true music fan knows the answer to that question.  Real music… bands like XNA… are not the flavor of the month, and likely never will be again.  However, Prog Rock is still alive.  In fact, it still thrives in some parts of the planet, just not in the United States.

Our shallow approach, on this side of the pond, to the arts will leave us forever worshiping at the prodigies of Simon Cowell over a band that truly seeks to be original and can…gasp…play their own instruments and even…double gasp…play them exceptionally well.

XNA is a band that can play…and sing…and write songs.  They do it well.  They are original and they are so unique that most will never hear of them.  But for those who like their music with the same zest as a strong cup of coffee, this band will appeal.  It may be an acquired taste, but it is tasty nonetheless. 

The band features vocalist David Hussey, who used to sing in a Genesis tribute band, and there is a lot of early Genesis influence in this band.  Elsewhere is Adman Malin on keys, Danny Bryle on guitars and Scott Connor on drums.  Bass on the album is played by Billy Sherwood, who also produced the album.  Billy is Prog’s saving grace as he has proven with other projects, most notably his band Circa, that it is his personal mission to keep Progressive Rock alive and well.

When We Changed You, in typical Prog fashion, has only seven songs, two of which clock in at over fifteen minutes…and you can’t fucking dance to ANY of this shit!  Nope, they will not be big in the club circuit.  They may just have a future among those who view music as an art form, however.  This is emotional and technical music.  This is an entire album of songs that fit together…better said, they belong together.

So, don’t expect to see them on MTV…or American Idol…or any other pre-fabricated star show.  Instead, they will garner success with the adage “Attraction rather than promotion.”  XNA is a band that will choose their fans.

This writer predicts, if principals can remain stronger than personalities in this band, then they will soon be mentioned among the Spock’s Beard’s of the world.


1. At Childhood's Beginning (2:01)
2. When We Changed You (7:19)
3. Banner of the Whyte Boar (15:04)
4. The Flying Dutchman (9:27)
5. The Vale of Avalon (7:08)
6. Annapurna (8:29)
7. At Childhood's End (16:06

By Jeb Wright