RATINGS: A = must own B = buy it C= average D = yawn F = puke

Wet Willie – Which One’s Willie/Mannerisms
BGO Records


Rating: D

In the past, BGO Records has done a fine job of re-releasing albums by one of Southern Rock’s most funky bands, Wet Willie.  They, once again, did a great job here as far as sound and packaging are concerned.  The problem with the last two bullets in this musical chamber for Wet Willie is with the music, not the look or sound.  Simply put, these albums just are not representative of the band.

Mannerisms is Wet Willie’s Disco album, for lack of a batter word.  Where they used to keep on smilin’, this album sees the band trade in their chewing tobacco for a membership to Studio 54.  Diehard fans will disagree and say this is more Motown…whatever, its not.  It is Disco being preformed by a band of southern rockers and it is a bit embarrassing.

Which One’s Willie was the last hurrah for the band and while vocalist Jimmy Hall still sounds great, the truth of the matter is that the band was pretty much done by this point.  The music is slick and polished, but it just isn’t very good.

With both of these albums, the songs blend together so much that Wet Willie loses the one thing that made them stand out in the world of Southern Rock…their identity.

These albums are back for sale, and if you are a Southern Rocker looking to complete a collection then here you go…other than that…you’d be better off sticking to other BGO releases of the band.

By Jeb Wright